Kill la Kill Episode 12 – “Spit away your sadness”



Cloo is out saving the world, so he left me with his work this week. 


Ryuuko erupts in anger as she attacks Nui, who effortlessly deflects all of Ryuuko’s attacks. Nui even manages to pull Senketsu’s Nexus Thread, but Senketsu manages to pull itself together surprising everyone. Despite Senketsu’s warnings Ryuuko boils past her limit and Senketsu’s envelops her turning Ryuuko into a monstrosity that cannot be stopped. Aikuro and Tsumugu quickly set into action to save Ryuuko from Senketsu, but Nui does not allow for that to happen. Amidst all this, Mako’s family arrives to cheer on Ryuuko.

Upon seeing Ryuuko transform into this mess, Satsuki realizes Nui’s true intentions and steps in to put Ryuuko down. An explosive battle ensues in which the two destroy much of the school around them. As Ryuukentsu and Satsuki charge towards each other for the final clash, Mako comes between the two and brings Ryuuko back to her senses. With Ryuuko back to normal, Aikuro and Tsumugu have one less thing to worry about for now. Satsuki also barrs Nui from setting foot on the Honnouji School Grounds, but Nui has plans of her own…


This explosive episode was pretty fun to watch. But I have some questions: Why was Ryuuko’s father doing taboo experiments, What is Nui’s role as the Grand Couturier of the Revocs Corporation, Why is Mako so magical?

I cannot think of much more to say at the moment so I will leave it here.


Next episode is gonna be pretty Shinji, but it will probably still be good. Until then…

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