Galilei Donna Episode 11 – “Galileo Judge” (END)


Law and Order in Toscana, Italy

Score – 7 (Details at the bottom of post)


  • Emphasis on family
  • Interesting Future Engineering
  • Likable characters
  • Good OP/ED


  • Abrupt Conclusion
  • Lack of explanation for some events


On the culmination of events, the girls are finally caught and put on trial in their hometown. It is revealed their trip was about three months. The Police Chief offers them one last deal to avoid jail time for the trumped up charges, to which Hozuki adamantly refuses. The girls are later surprised with an attorney, who seems about to fall over. When the girls are in court, Adni Moon’s attorney presents false evidence that the girls cannot refute despite the evidence Hazuki finds in their attorney’s briefcase. The court case comes to a climax, when the prosecutor introduces a witness: the girls’ mother is brought out to testify against them. Their father suddenly comes up to reveal that everything was a farce, and Sylvia drops her facade to reveal that she had played the Adni Moon President to get inside information on Adni Moon’s and Messier’s activities, resulting in the conviction of the Adni Moon President. In the end, Roberto murders Francesco Materrazi. In an empty court room Hozuki looks over the sketches unable to discern any new information until her father hands her the telescope the girls found in an earlier episode. It is revealed that through the lense of the telescope, there are equations and notes left by Galileo that would help Hozuki devise a method to solve the energy crisis.

GD EP11 SC12

Math on the Moon!

The family reunited, travels to Japan in the closing scenes of this episode.


This ending was very…underwhelming to me. It was definitely emotional when their mother showed up to testify against them. However, I was also pulling my hair out at all the events that were going on. This ending felt rushed, and things were not even resolved. The whole solution to the energy crisis that Hozuki and her sisters were seeking in Galileo’s sketches was not shown. All we saw was a little information, but nothing of substance to show how the crisis was solved. I also feel that interpol showing up after all this time to apprehend the girls was a little fortuitous, of course this saved them from being killed by Roberto so maybe this was good after all. On the other hand the whole point of their journey was to find a way to clear their name, and bring their family back together, at least that was Hozuki’s wish.

Roberto’s killing Francesco seems very unnecessary. But the little bit of information we got about Roberto from his past still did not really explain his thought processes, so that little event did not make much sense at all.

GD EP11 SC11

The court case seemed poorly planned and not very well written. I may not be a criminal justice major, but that was not a very compelling case in my opinion. All the events there just made everything unreal. The girls’ mother using her concussion to feign amnesia in a bid to get dirt on Adni Moon was unexpected, not necessarily bad either.

There was just a lot I felt was wrong with this last episode, but I knew with the runtime that Galilei Donna would not have a satisfactory conclusion. It is true that there are shows that had a short episode count, but spoke volumes, but this show did not do that to me. I realize now however, that family was more the point of this show than physics or solving the energy crisis. Those two points were secondary to the whole point of this show. In that respect I feel the show certainly got across how family will be there when you are in need, even when the world is against you. My misconceptions may be correct or incorrect, but I leave it up to you to make your own judgement about this show if you have watched it. I only offer the thoughts that are rattling in my head, as coherent as I can put them.

La Fine

La Fine

One last thing:

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Score Breakdown

Story – 6

The story of Galilei Donna was not very fleshed out. The conflict was introduced without too much problem. But the resolution of the conflict as well as the events leading to the resolution left much to be desired. The pacing of the series seemed very even up until the last few episodes which seemed to try tying up a few loose ends before the end of the series. There were however some things that were left unfinished.

Music – 8

The Opening and Ending for Galilei Donna were great. Two songs that are greatly recommended. The music during the show, background and otherwise was mostly appropriate. At some points the music was not necessary or the characters, the actions and the music did not really mesh well together, making it feel a little off.

Voice Acting(VA) – 7

The VA for this show was pretty standard nothing amazing. There were a few high profile voice actors in this show, but overall it didn’t really make things much better. Each VA they got for the characters fit the persona of the character well bringing them to life, so its not all negative.

Art Style – 7

The Art style for GD was pretty unique of the shows this season, there didn’t seem to be anything that matched it. The characters were portrayed well: proper proportions, somewhat reasonable hairstyles, etc. It wasn’t anything that makes you say, “wow!” though.

The bleak future presented was pretty okay. Colorwise the show was not flashy, all content was presented pretty well. So that is a plus, some shows like to get flashy when things aren’t going so well, to divert your attention.

Animation – 7

There was a lot of CG use for all the mecha which is understandable. Most everything seemed to be fresh. There were a few frames that were reused, but overall the animation quality was not terrible.

Originality – 7

Galilei Donna is an original series by A-1 Pictures. The conflicts and themes approached were unique, they have been done before, but GD looked at things a little differently. The characters were each unique, but there was still a few cliches employed

Enjoyability – 7

This was a very average anime series. I had hoped that it would be one of the series that would blow the other shows out of the water. But it ended up being a little cliche, but all in all this is still something to watch at least once through if you are interested. I enjoyed the characters and their developments. But a few elements took away from the show for me.

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