Galilei Donna Episode 10


Flying is so nice~Hozuki and Galileo spend their time up until the arrival of the storm clouds testing and perfecting their gliding craft in order to return Hozuki to her time. The two bond over their understanding of Physics and Mathematics leading Hozuki to a revelation: the notes in Galileo’s Moon Sketches had been for her the entire time. She had been destined, it seems, to meet Galileo and reignite his passion to explore and to prove ideas people once thought impossible. As they are flying through the storm cloud Hozuki and Galileo confess their love to each other, but before either one has time to digest everything, Hozuki is drawn back to her time period leaving Galileo in the storm cloud. Once Hozuki returns, and the flow of time returns to normal, Cicinho saves the three with some quick missiles allowing the sisters retreat to the Galileo. Before they can escape however, they are shot down and Interpol arrests them.



This episode somewhat explains why the girls were the only ones who could go out on this mission to save the world. Hozuki’s amazing penchant for engineering and her pendant, are a direct link to Galileo. Galileo’s meeting Hozuki revitalized his passion for science and discovery, in turn he set out to devise a new form of fuel to help Hozuki. This is purely speculation.

Hozuki has also strengthened her resolved or it is more apparent this episode as she speaks with Galileo about the issues with fuel shortages in her time period. She wishes to save her family, but before she can do that she has to determine how to stop Adnimoon and clear her family’s name. To do that she has to find Galileo’s sketches which seem to hold the key.  She knows she may not understand everything about the world, but she will move forward with the knowledge she has trying to make a difference. Hozuki’s change of character has been ever present since Theo’s death.


Im not sure how this will all be resolved, because we are at the last episode. If anything I hope they will not rush it unless all the pieces are in place, and I am missing something. There is certainly no need for a second season, so I wonder how things will be solved from the position the girls are in. We shall see next week.

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