Coppelion Episode 11

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This episode consists of attempting to tie loose ends in order reach the climax… at breakneck speeds. Aoi and Ibara attempt to take down the giant iron spider machine by destroying the engine conveniently placed at the very bottom of the abdomen. Also, conveniently placed at the top of the abdomen is a safety release button in order to open up the hatch to the engine. Suddenly, the Ozu sisters appear on a buggy and cause Aoi to unleash her hidden abilities. Haruto runs down the tracks to help the others repairing the train right after having a romantic moment with Ibara, ends up getting shot by the leader of the 1st Division but still heroically sacrifices his life to save the train. Now… for my thoughts…

My Thoughts:

This episode was horrific. It’s like they realized they were behind in the story and were in a rush to reach the climax in time for the end of this season. This episode was overly dramatic and was so awkwardly convenient in order to tie all those loose ends: announcing the mostly random sudden romantic tension between Ibara and Haruto, dealing with the Ozu sisters, killing off the 1st Division leader in such a way to make him look like a hero, Aoi becoming a “stronger” character, and the sacrifice of Haruto and Gennai.

All the action in this episode, or even this entire series rather, has really been lackluster. Objects or weapons seem so conveniently placed and no thought was put into creating any actual tension in to the conflicts. Someone or everyone suddenly knows how to thwart the enemy and come out on top. The entire iron spider fight made little sense (especially with the size proportion of the machine constantly being screwed up) and I am still wondering how the 1st Division leader happened to be in that specific building and end up operating the machine.

Speaking of the 1st Division leader… I swear that guy has teleportation. He ends up in the iron spider, escapes after it explodes, randomly shows up to shoot Haruto, then finally suddenly shows up on the train tracks to help Haruto save the train. It makes so little sense how he was still necessary to the story and suddenly on the brink of death he does a complete 180 due to Ibara’s words mid-way through the series.

Haruto has been a useless character in this story too, and suddenly we’re forced to believe he is the love interest of Ibara? Sure they had their “moments” in previous episodes, but to promise Ibara he would live and suddenly getting shot was completely unnecessary. This episode literally killed off what was left of this series.

Predictions for Next Week:

Ibara is going to be butthurt and have a huge fit. Haruto is probably still going to be alive because logic isn’t a factor in this series. I don’t think the ending can be saved at this point.

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3 Responses to Coppelion Episode 11

  1. Masyita says:

    I think her name wasn’t Inaba, but Ibara. 🙂 I agree with you, sometimes the plot was just a little bit ruined the anime. Maybe because of they moved it a little bit to fast or something. But i’m still like it. Pardon my bad grammar, thnks for your fast update! I appreciate it very much, continue the good work!

    • Clooby says:

      oh snap! i kept doing that in all my previous reviews. where do i keep coming up with inaba… THANKS!

      i had really high hopes going into this series so i think i’m just disappointed. random curiosity also dropped the show but its not surprising lol

  2. For some reason, I could watch this episode. If it wasn’t for the fact that there’s only 2 eps. left, I would of dropped it.

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