12/11 Waifu Wednesday (Suited Waifu)

Ennis (Baccano!)


This week’s theme as mentioned in the title is “Suited Waifus”. The premise was to pick waifu’s well dressed for sophistication, business, and class. Notable example series include: Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell, and Fate/Zero. This week’s featured waifu comes from my personal favorite anime/light novel series Baccano!

Ennis appears as one of the key figures within the series of “Baccano!” She is the female homunculus of the villainous immortal Szilard Quates. Although taking on the appearance of a 20 something year old dollface, she is in fact 120+ years of age and hasn’t changed appearance since her incarnation. Emotionally detached and under the hand of her “Father”, Ennis fights through the series meeting other notable characters that turn her world from emotionless to a conflict of Yin and Yang. In the end though, the experiences with these characters outweighs the selfish desires of Szilard and she takes matters into her own hands, proving her independence and love for her life despite the horrific things she had accomplished for her creator. A notable fighter, soft spoken voice, and fashionable taste makes her one of the most entertaining girls to root for when watching the series. Because of her shy personality and fierce desire to live her life to the fullest, she immediately shot up to my #1 waifu. This girl definitely knows how to rock a suit. Hell, even Firo couldn’t resist chasing after a babe dressed that nice! The open collar is a nice touch as well~

In the spirit of the Holidays, next week’s theme for Waifu Wednesday will be “Secret Santa”. Criteria includes having to wear a Santa Claus outfit at some point within the series. (most likely during a Christmas special or otherwise if the situation randomly called for it) So make sure to nominate your bearer of best gifts within the comments below! 

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