Diabolik Lovers Episode 12(END)


Sleeping Beauty

We have reached our destination. Yui is slowly dying after having stabbed herself, the brothers set out to save her, and Richter not so surreptitiously escapes to plot his next move. As Yui is fading it seem everyone is generally annoyed that she might die, and that Cordelia could awaken in her body. To stop this, Reiji pours through his notes to concoct a serum that can save Yui and destroy the heart of Cordelia that is within Yui. Reiji is unable to complete this concoction, until Kanato reveals that he kept a piece of Cordelia inside Teddy. With the mixture complete, Ayato mouth feeds it to Yui, and she awakens, seemingly a vampire.

Richter meets his end after ambiguously telling Laito that he cannot alter his destiny. And the room leading to Cordelia’s hidden dress is locked away.

Ending Thoughts

I came into this show knowing that it would not be amazing so I will not lambaste the ending. The ending was very short and very subtle pertaining to the events this episode.. It seems there were a lot of things going on under the surface, that are left for the viewer to discern. I do not know if the game gives anymore information into Richter’s last word.

There really is not much more to say about this episode. I would say it was peculiar that the brothers worked together to see Yui get through her “Awakening”. But throughout the series, while it was not too apparent, the brothers were warming up to Yui a little, their actions suggested they had grown to accept her presence despite their actions.

I will say that ending half of Diabolik Lovers contained much more material than the first six episode, which seemed to be composed to scenes where Yui was being dominated. So I enjoyed the last couple episodes which saw the most progression. Overall Diabolik Lovers was not the worst thing I have seen, but definitely not something to re-watch or pick up if you are looking for something to watch. Unless you like vampires, then you may find it appealing.

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Overall Score – 6


  • Vampires
  • Cute boys for the ladies
  • Hot milfs for the boys
  • Decent character development
  • Short Episode Time
  • 12 Episode Runtime


  • Lackluster story
  • Sharp story development
  • Short choppy explanations

Story – 5

The story of Diabolik Lovers was nothing amazing, but not THAT bland. Its progression was slow, but then sharply increased at the show reached its end, so much of the information was thrust upon you, with not much time to ponder the significance. It did not help that each episode was 15 minutes long, and most of that time composed of information that did not serve to advance the story until the last couple episodes. The conflict was introduced just as quickly as it was resolved so it was not fully developed in the least. The ending was interesting, but it was clear everything that happened gave a somewhat resolute ending. There were a few lines that left the feeling that there was more to come, and other things could happen as a result of the brothers actions, but there was not enough information given to even speculate what that could be.

The characters were developed I feel, but it was very subtle in some cases that there was development in their character, and for most of it especially at the end of the series, it seemed the characters did a complete 180 without much build up or anything. The only character that I feel became a little more fleshed out was Yui by the end of the series, which makes sense as she is the protagonist.

Each characters personality is explained, and their actions throughout the story make more sense, so you are not left completely in the dark, but I think a bit more time to develop the characters would have made things a little more interesting.

Sound/Music – 6

The music was not that bad. The background music was usually proper for the events going on, but there were a lot of silent moments, and the awkwardness was compounded when ever there was any drinking of blood. The OP and ED were not bad, but not to my taste so I usually skipped them.

There was quite a bit of stock sound used in this show due to its origins as a game, so it would cost less to mix in already recorded material. The sound of someone drinking was overused, but not out of place, considering this is a show about vampires.

Voice Acting – 6

The VA for this show are not bad at all. They all played their roles well, and portrayed the emotion and character of the effectively. There were moments, when things felt stale or a little music would have helped to drive more impact when something was said, but other than that the voice acting was just fine.

Art Style – 6

The art was not stunning or breathtaking. Things were kind of just there. The style of everything was fitting for the theme of the show however so it was not a complete letdown. The character design was varied enough and one interesting thing was that each of the brothers had the same eyes as their mother. This was something that passed my eye until later on in the series when we saw each mother and the children. They did have the same eyes however when it came to each of the brother who had the same mother. So there was a lack of creativity in terms of the eye patterns.

The scenery was not very spectacular, but that plays into the dark themes with vampires and death.

Being that Diabolik Lovers is a shoujo anime, the body styles were slender for even the boys. The proportions seemed to be correct for each person, considering their age, and vampires different biological processes.

Transitions were not spectacular, but they were not too off when the transition was necessary.

Animations/Effects – 6

The effects were lackluster, things were pretty basic, but this show was not meant to wow. Transitions, color effects, etc were all simple and convey the meaning of what was going on. Some interesting use of motifs were used such as the rose to depict a heart, were interesting and added to the show.

The only thing that could be considered overused would be the sound of drinking, even if this was a show about vampires or even based on a game, there is a limit to how much drinking there needs to be, so that certainly detracted from the show as a whole.

Originality – 7

The series is based on a game, so it was an original anime story. The show approached vampires in a more classic sense, where they were cold, and seemingly unfeeling, only giving into their own desires without a care for their victim. This is certainly different from what I’ve seen recently concerning vampires, so this is a plus for the show. I am however not a connoisseur, so I have limited experience.

Everything is fed to you, but there is a little lead up, the problem is it ramps up pretty quickly. But this show is not so heavy on information that you cannot understand what is going on.

Diabolik Lovers stood out in the first glance of Fall series, just because it was a show about vampires, and seemed like something that was not too cliche. I believe that was the correct assumption, but even then, that was not much, as the show did not offer much substance.

Overall Enjoyability – 5

The show was not very enjoyable. This show was more just a show I picked up on a whim and decided to write reviews for, because it would be interesting to hear how others felt about the show, and I wanted to try to offer a different point of view, from the perspectives I knew would be on the minds of many viewers.

The short episode time, and runtime of the series, help to make things bearable, so this is certainly something that is watchable if you are interested. Its not the worst of the worst, but not the best by far. I would say this is below average, which would not really help convince anyone to watch, but I think there is still something to enjoy. Everyone has different tastes, but sometimes you have to explore a little.

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