Kill la Kill Episode 10



Best girl gets her time to shine! The many faces of Jakazure.

With Gamagoori down, out, and demoted to a no-star status, the next in line is the captain of the information and strategy committee. Inumuta landed a spot as Satsuki’s Elite Four for hacking her parent’s company’s stocks as a middle school student. Using his cloaking super computer uniform, Probe Regalia, Inumuta tries to calculate and predict Ryuko’s attacks and beat her out of pure computing. Ryuko manages to use recklessness to throw off the calculations and defeats the Probe Regalia. Next up is Nonon Jakazure, the head of all non-athletic clubs, weilding the Symphony Regalia Grave, a battleship utilizing musical instruments as weapons. Jakazure decides to bend the rules in the fight, destroying the playing field only to force Senketsu to transform into Senketsu Shippu (Ship?) to duke it out in mid-air combat. During all the fighting, Aikuro contacts Tsumugu to warn him that Senketsu is beginning to evolve too quickly.


I don't even...

I don’t even…

My Thoughts:

Whew that synopsis was a bit longer than I expected!

This is quite the secretive playground Satsuki has build up for herself. Inumuta was simply recruited because of his renowned hacking skills and despite potentially destroying her family’s company, she lands him a seat in leadership instead. All the members of the council play an important part in Satsuki’s plan but she doesn’t seem to really be concerned over her loss of members. It’s already assumed that even as no-stars, Gamagoori and Inumuta would still play an important part in Honnouji Academy’s plans (whatever they are).

Jakazure has the closest connection with Satsuki since they had been together since Kindergarten, but their relationship is subtly similar to that of Guame and Lord Genome from the Gurren Lagann series. Jakazure is simply a disposable tool. Obviously, Jakazure is going to fall to Ryuko and I’m going to miss that awesome tight suit she wears.

Nudist Beach looks to be making their move but for what reason? From my previous posts, Tsumugu and Aikuro’s involvement with Ryuko is a bit of a mystery and is pretty neglected due to Ryuko’s stubborn behavior. We already know that Tsumugu is trying to prevent any unnecessary deaths due to the Kamui uniform unstable nature but their overall goal is still left a mystery.

Predictions for Next Week:

A new girl? Ryuko is already in full combat against the Elite Four so how can there be a new introduction? Possibly a movement by Nudist Beach?

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For the Jakazure fans out there!

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