Golden Time Episode 10



This week Banri gets sick, and Linda takes care of him until Kouko and co. arrive. The gathering turns into a summer planning session, and everyone decides to go to the beach. After all is said and done, Kouko apologizes for her actions again, and the two decide to spend their summer together at the beach as a couple separate from the others.


I don’t quite know who is in control of Banri’s body. It appears his old personality is back, but has no recollection of past events, except snippets of memories. It is a little confusing, because all the while he is saying he just wants to be with Linda, forever, but here he is promising Kouko that he still loves her, and that they will go to the beach together in the coming summer break.

Linda’s actions are suspicious, as Cloo has been pointing out to me. Why didn’t she, contact Kouko in the first place to take care of Banri, it is understandable, that since Nana called her first she would at least be the first one to make sure he is in bed, but afterward while she went out or once she immediately knew she could have called Kouko to let her know what was going on instead of after taking care of him for a bit.

Other than that, the one thing that was hinted a lot this episode is that Kouko potentially saw the picture of Banri and Linda, from when they were in high school. She possibly disposed of it or is keeping it to question Banri later about their past.


I’m expecting a shit storm in the coming episodes.

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