Galilei Donna Episode 9


“I am the shadow in the moonlit night…”

The girls have found the sixth sketch, but before they can plan for what to do next, Roberto shows up with plans to take the sketches as well. He has also figured out that Hozuki took out the essential element of the Tesoro to make is useless to him. Anna attempts to intervene, but Roberto blows her cover, and she is left to stay the course of her original plan. Fortuitously however, Cicinho and his band of pirates arrive to protect Hazuki and her sisters as they try to escape from Roberto. Along the way they almost encounter their end when rockets veer off course heading straight towards them. At this point Hozuki returned the necessary element to the Tesoro to make it active, and suddenly she is transported to the past and meets her ancestor Galileo, who quickly surmises she fell from mysteriously stormy clouds, and determines when she can return back to her time.


I am not liking where this is going. Partly because I don’t know how this will help things at all in the story, because the mystery of the seventh sketch might not be solved, and I don’t think anything will for that matter. Time travel is interesting when done well, but here is seems it was just thrown in as an afterthought like, “Hey let’s see how this turns out!” I don’t like it, I’m more concerned with what’s gonna happen when Hozuki gets back, and how they will get out of the mess they are in.

I can see how this may be beneficial, because Anna did mention that the seventh sketch was a myth, so Hozuki could talk to Galileo about his sketches, and potentially get the seventh sketch, which might hold the key to everything. They did tie the power of the Tesoro together somewhat well explaining that each time it activated, it created a bubble of space time in front of Hozuki protecting her from some things, and sometimes, an item go sucked into the past.

Anna’s betrayal was pretty amusing because we knew it was going to happen, and her acting was pretty funny, everyones reactions were good. I am wondering what is going to happen to her, since she cannot harm Roberto will he dispose of her, or will he give her a chance to redeem herself, or just simply cast her away?


Next week, I believe there will be some more interesting interactions with Galileo and Hozuki. She might learn about the seventh sketch, and devise something that she will use in the future to save everyone.

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See ya next time on, Back to the Future Part VII, The Time Fish

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