Coppelion Episode 10

[Anime-Koi] Coppelion - 10 [h264-720p][270863FE].mkv_snapshot_21.46_[2013.12.04_23.14.33]

Inaba and the Coppelion girls put their plan into play. Inaba, Haruto, Aoi, and Nosense lure the Ozu sisters out on a game of hide and seek while Taeko stays with the pregnant Ibuki and the others from the Planet as they attempt to fix up the train system. A few developments occur after Nosense is taken down by Shion when Aoi is somehow able to teleport (or blink to a different location) and levitate. Inaba and Haruto encounter Ibuki’s husband and the three of them manage to escape the clutches of Kanon to later meet up with the Aoi and the damaged Nosense. The episode closes as a giant spider mech approaches the Coppelion girls, cornering them under a ruined pagoda.

My Thoughts:

Even with their extensive battle plans, I don’t understand how Inaba would intentionally send Aoi riding Nosense alone to divert the attention of the Ozu sisters. Aoi at this point is completely useless so her abilities came as a surprise to us but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a mystery for anyone else. This forced introduction didn’t make much sense since it clearly risked the life of Aoi or the possibility of Nosense being wasted. Maybe Inaba already knew what was required for Aoi to unleash her ability but otherwise this felt like some pretty underthought coordination.

Haruto mentions that the humans are already setting themselves up for destruction and declines to help Kanon destroy humanity. These themes are constantly unnecessary and are constantly irrelevant to the plot. I still fail to see how all this situations that challenge morality will play as an important part of the story when the story already lacks any interesting direction. I don’t mean to bash a great concept for a series but all that is said and done so far really isn’t helping.

I’ll take a peek at the manga up to this point in the story and make some comparisons next week.

Predictions for next week:

Well they get to fight a giant hooptie of a metal spider. Since Aoi’s powers have been put on display this week, we’re bound to figure out what is really up the sleeves of our designated comic relief girl.

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