Diabolik Lovers Episode 11


The end is nigh.

Approaching the last episode, plots are revealed and twists are halfheartedly introduced.

Cordelia’s plan all along was to plot revenge against Karl, by showing him the ultimate love by way of killing him. Richter’s plan was to keep Cordelia’s heart all along and he was going to make Yui his, to take the throne of the family.

My Thoughts

This story of betrayal and backstabbing was pretty dramatic, but not much happened. It was not even much of a “wow.” Cordelia’s and Richter’s schemes were laughable at best.

The one thing that it very odd is Yui taking her body back constantly. It shows that her consciousness is still present, but if its that easy for her to come back, Cordelia should have been kicked out a long time ago. Also, she stabbed herself in the sternum. All she did was lodge the blade in a mass of bone, not killing herself or doing anything for that matter. The heart is the rose, I knew that Yui would probably try to end herself but this is kind of ridiculous. Things are being needlessly extended.

I do not remember her name being mentioned before but, Beatrix, Shu and Reiji’s mother was mentioned. Cordelia was attempting to win Reiji over by badmouthing his mother, but the opposite was apparent.

Clearly everyone is opposed to Cordelia being back, no one is more opposed to the idea than her own children. The cliche full cast appearance at the final battle reared its ugly head again. I do not understand why it happens, it is so cheesy the way it is conducted. The events that unfold afterward to put the protagonist at an advantage, while for the sake of story, are annoying as well.


I doubt we’ll see Karl next episode, but Cordelia will be silenced. Richter will probably just disappear after everything is over. Yui and Ayato will live in the house in vampiric bliss.

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