Kill la Kill Episode 9

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Ryuko vs Old-man faced pervert.

Ryuko is up to face the elite four in order of each member’s number of students defeated. Gamagoori is up first followed by Inumuta, Jakazure, then Sanageyama, however, Ryuko must wait until 1 pm before her showdown begins.

During the wait, Ryuko and Mako are approached by Aikuro where he promptly uses acupuncture to knock out Mako to urge Ryuko to back out of the fight. Ryuko refuses when Aikuro declines to tell her how her father was murdered.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.27_[2013.11.29_17.46.39]The scene switches to the fight against Gamagoori and his Scourge Regalia. It turns out that Gamagoori can use his own uniform to inflict damage on himself if Ryuko does not attack him first and allows him to switch to his second form with his flailing whips. During the fight, Satsuki has a flashback 5 years prior to when Gamagoori holds back his graduation to fight her but ultimately loses as long as he does not kneel before her.

Ryuko, on the verge of defeat, allows Senketsu to take control of the situation, reverting back to the sailor uniform appearance and get pulled into the Scourge Regalia in order to unleash Senketsu’s second form: Senketsu Senjin, a heavily bladed alternate to the Kamui Senketsu. The blades shear through Gamagoori’s whips and leave his uniform vulnerable to being absorbed by Senketsu. Satsuki prevents Gamagoori from committing Seppuku telling him that his service is not yet over.

The episode ends as Inumuta steps up to the plate.

My Thoughts:

It seems plot development revolves around Ryuko’s vendetta against Satsuki surrounding the mystery of Ryuko’s father. In order to keep the flow of the story going, no one is giving Ryuko any of these details which will most likely be revealed soon. It also turns out that Gamagoori really is not a villian at all! What kind of responsible figure would follow such an evil figure such as Satsuki without having some definitive reason? The cues supporting this idea are pretty obvious but it is avoided mostly due to Ryuko’s stubbornness and drive to find out the truth.

Sometimes I feel like I’m watching some 90’s cartoon where the influence of the characters involved in the story are thrown out of proportion because of how small their influence actually covers. Allow me to clarify, Satsuki has a grasp over the school, but only in terms of having absolute power over the school, the student council, and how her personality is displayed does it seem that she is an almighty antagonist. Sorta like a schoolyard bully if you get my drift. But in light of the similarities between Gurren Lagann, Simon went from living in a hole to hero of the universe. I really can’t wait to see how they play next season’s half of the series.

I can’t help but feel the fanservice getting to me… the show was already revealed as being over the top with it’s sexual and adult references and it even stays smoothly consistent (unlike most mindless fanservicey shows this season…), however, it’s just that I’m actually getting a bit reluctant to have to see Ryuko’s cracks every fight scene. Senketsu’s second form and how it covers up a bit more skin is actually quite relieving.

One more thing: anyone else notice how red this episode is? What does it mean? HMMMMMM.

Oh and I’m taking a liking to Jakazure (excuse my use of their last names). She’s too adorable.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.32_[2013.11.29_17.46.46]

Predictions for next week:

Fight against Inumuta. We haven’t really seen him in any combat at all so I’m just curious to see what is going to happen.

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