Golden Time Episode 9

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Some things are better left a mystery.

I’ll be taking over this week’s episode of Golden Time but be sure to expect more Golden Time from Lacendeus next week!

Kouko falls ill and misses classes for several days until the following Monday leaving Banri worried and constantly texting her about her condition. After their festival club meeting, Kouko conveys her doubts about Banri still loving her likely due to that same behavior pushing away Mitsuo. Banri reassures her that her doubts are wrong and he truly loves her. All the while, old Banri is still watching from the side which transitions into a flashback of himself with Linda back in highschool. The flashback is about Linda confronting her brother’s fiance, catching her leaving another man’s apartment. The then Banri tells Linda that he would always be with Linda through some cheesy dialogue. Reverting back to the present, Linda catches Banri alone and uses the same dialogue the older Banri told her but referring to the present Banri and Kouko. The episode closes with the older Banri regaining consciousness in his body once again.

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My Thoughts:

I can’t say I’m too pleased with this episode’s ending… Ever since the introduction of Banri’s older consciousness being manifested as a ghost I had felt utter disgust towards the direction the plot was going to take. I can sort of understand this method in order to create an acceptable way to force the viewer to witness older Banri’s forgotten memories but this is ridiculous. I think the story would have worked much smoother if we could hear about the older memories through reflections of repressed memories but keeping the present Banri unaware of the subconscious thoughts. Or at least give that kid a viable mental condition that supports having his memories surfacing, not using this lazy paranormal route… And why, dear GOD why does the older Banri mention that he’s not a ghost anymore? I praised this show for being pretty real in terms of relationships and these turn of events will make things even more dramatic… sorry, I mean shit hitting the fan dramatic.

One of the things I’ve noticed through the flashbacks is how irrationally passionate the older Banri is when it comes to situations with Linda. Clearly he is hopelessly in love with Linda (even enough for his first words to be, “Linda,” as soon as he realizes he has a body again) and even goes as far as helping her attempt to potentially ruin her brother’s fiance’s life. His emotions pretty much set the older Banri into autopilot and almost enough to completely ruin his relationship with Linda. In comparison to the newer Banri, this version is optimistic and much more rational. He accepts his predicament with losing his memories but never considers the older Banri to be dead (which he shouldn’t be. [A GHOST WHY?!]) and tries to live on with his new life to the fullest and let the memories of older Banri live on in the people involved with him. Even though he gets emotional when Linda holds back the truth about being an old friend of his, he maturely makes amends and moves on. Older Banri is a ticking time bomb leading to destruction while the new Banri is progressive.

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“Always listen for Kouko’s voice.”

I feel like the use of flashbacks isn’t completely necessary with a story that hits right at home for us older folk, but it is a clear forewarning to some upcoming disaster. Although, the flashbacks strongly support concept of the repressed memories forcing the older Banri to surface into consciousness. Through all this, a lot of this is also the present Linda’s fault because she continually uses references to the old Banri, including quoting him and even her attempt to force herself into his life while trying to hide her identity from him. Secretly, I believe that she really wishes for the new Banri to somehow remember their past, which is also supported in this episode when she shrugs off Banri’s sudden outburst that he wants to return to the past. This girl really could be the source of all the drama so far even though it isn’t completely intentional.

Linda casually mentions her brother to Banri but looks taken aback when she realizes the new Banri has no memory of her brother. During this scene, she doesn’t look too particularly happy and even the way she mentions her brother seems to be a burden. We’ll probably learn of her relationship with her brother since that whole flashback event and it seems pretty important to the plot since it was the majority of this episode.

Now one of the most important events in this episode; an event that could have been missed due to the misdirection of the point of the flashback: the mysterious man that was having the affair with Linda’s brother’s fiance. His details are unclear since you can’t see his face very well and the glare from his glasses only makes this guy that much more ominous. Banri intentionally hides Linda’s face from the guy so we’re sure that he doesn’t really know what Linda looks like but the entire time Banri is looking back at him. If you’ve caught my drift you can already guess what I’m implying. This man probably has some strong involvement into Banri’s loss of memory, and it makes complete sense. Banri had involvement with ruining the affair and was most likely the target of revenge. I’m purely speculating here but this series is riddled with little details that can easily be overlooked.

My last thought has to do with the older Banri regaining consciousness. He is shown as a silent observer through the entire show so far, so I’m sure he has some knowledge of the events so far in the story and it will undoubtedly cause a huge series of conflicts. But how far will he be able to impersonate the new Banri or will he even try to hide his returned memories?

The rest of my thoughts have to do with speculations on the following episodes but I’ll leave off here. I’d like to have a live discussion over the events in this episode so I’m going to organize a podcast on the events in Golden Time so far. I expected to rant over my thoughts but I decided against it even though I hate with a passion how the story was written involving a god damned ghost.

If I have to take away anything great about this episode, it would be next episode’s preview. “Eiffel tower,”: google it and make sure safe search is off.

Shifty's best girl.

Shifty’s best girl.

Predictions for next week:

With the old Banri returning, I’m sure we’re going to see a whole shit storm of problems. I want to know if he will keep retaining his consciousness as the older Banri or whether it will only be temporary. The preview has dialogue between Banri and Kouko practicing dances but it sounds like Banri is clueless to what’s going on. I am honestly pissed how this turned out but I’m incredibly curious to see Banri destroy everything between Kouko and himself.


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