Galilei Donna Episode 8



This episode we take planned detour as we visit the girls’ paternal grandfather in Kyoto. This trip was important for everyone because this helped them to take stock of all that has happened on their trip, especially Hazuki and Anna, the two who seemed to be the most steadfast in their demeanor. Anna is battled with the fact that Roberto intends to kill the girls after they collect all the sketches, Hazuki lost herself a little wondering if justice was even real, considering she could not even protect her family when it was necessary. We also got to see what kind of person Geshio, the girls father was like growing up, and that he had an engineering streak in him at his ripe middle school age, just like Hozuki. The episode ends with the girls finding the second to last sketch and Anna looking troubled.


At first I tho1ught this would be the cliche, relative turns in fugitive family members, sort of like in Eureka 7 with Renton’s uncle. This time around we were graced with a family-centric episode.
The only really important things to talk about I think are Anna and Hazuki.
Anna is terribly troubled over the girls future once they get the last sketch, and the family setting Kazuki mentioning she is like and older sister to them got her right in the heart strings. One thing though, to this point we know nothing of Anna, she did not turn out to be anything super suspicious. She’s just Roberto’s “girlfriend” according to what Cicinho surmised in the events from the hospital. I feel there is more to her past, but I do not know how it would help the plot, but it would still be nice to know.
Next is Hazuki, she was out of character when she ran into Cicinho in Kyoto. Normally she would have been really haughty like Haruhi, but this time around she was much more timid, even accepting Cicinho’s offer of protection throwing him off a little. Her near death encounter seemed to have really affected her as far as her determination to do things for justice. This scene let us inside her head for a minute to see how she was accepting things, and it was interesting to see that compared to her usual headstrong actions.


I suspect the next episode might just throw us into the location of the next sketch and Roberto will probably show up again, demanding the sketches, to which Anna may protest more directly. There may be more of a battle this time, but we are coming to a close with this series, so I hope things will end well. We’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

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