Nagi no Asukara Episode 9

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I don’t know if my heart can handle anymore of this. All the events so far in the show are leading up to this point and we’re only 9 episodes into a two-season series. These sudden turn of events are drawing a line with how much our Shioshi kids can deal with. Spoilers and emotions ahead.

What was supposedly a normal day in Shioshishio turned into a foretelling to an oncoming calamity. Uroko and Chief Priest Sakishima bring in the spirit fire to hold a meeting over the events ahead while the kids are attending school.

While the children are working on the Ofunehiki, Manaka goes out to prepare dinner for everyone while Chisaki suddenly feels ill and heads to the ocean with Tsumugu to replenish her ena. On the shore, Tsumugu talks to Chisaki about why she quits chasing after Hikari, which only angers her causing her to return to Shioshishio early. This is when we discover the lockdown of Shioshishio and prohibiting the kids from leaving the town.

Hikari is conflicted over Manaka again as his feelings overcame him and he avoids her for a short time. The next day Hikari is the only one to show up to school out of his friends and rushes back to Shioshishio to learn through Manaka that Shioshishio is prohibiting leaving to the surface. Hikari could not hold himself back and embraces Manaka when he notices how worried she was to find him. The episode ends with Manaka pushing Hikari away and Hikari’s father showing up take them to Uroko.

My Thoughts:

I can’t really explain to you why this episode blew me away. Only 9 episodes into the 26 episode series and the events are hitting real hard into my feels. Let me start off slowly with a few curiosities of the Nagi universe.

Salt flake snow: Hikari mentions to Miuna that the salt flake snow melts slowly. What kind of consistency does it have and is it cold? Akari also mentions to Manaka that they are experiencing a cool summer, which is a subtle forewarning to the “calamity” that is approaching, but I highly doubt it’s cold enough for actual snow to stick around. Just a small curiosity.

The properties of being underwater raise my curiosity a bit. Since the premier, you can see the kids running through Shioshishio without feeling the drag or current of the ocean being a hindrance to moving around. You can also see the kids jumping to and from high ledges but you never see anyone wading around or swimming except when leaving or arriving into Shioshishio. I’m well aware of the fantasy/magical aspect of the show so it really isn’t surprising nor does it have any real impact on the story, just a slight curiosity to the properties in the Nagi universe.

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Alright, on to my thoughts on the important plot developments.

What is this calamity and what is directly causing this event to occur? We learned in the previous episodes that Hikari and Akari are somehow directly influencing the wrath of the seagod but we have never been informed of real connection. Also supporting a thought I had from last episode, considering that there are no other towns like Shioshishio, what kind of impact will this calamity have on the societies on land? So far in the story, we are only aware of this involvement between the two towns, Shioshishio and Oshiooshi. Based on how well the story is told, these details are completely negligible but it could be revealed later to show context on how serious this calamity really is.

Chisaki is still observing Hikari closely understanding his dilemma between his feelings for Manaka and her interest in Tsumugu. When Chisaki collapses, it shows how emotionally exhausting it is for her and that it’s directly effecting her. Tsumugu, somehow always understands their personal situations and offers his bit of advice and doesn’t realize how direct he is until Chisaki becomes offended. I don’t think Tsumugu intentionally tried to offend Chisaki, but that he was able to to hit the nail right on the head and it angered the delusional Chisaki. She hates to see Hikari, her love interest, pretending to not be in love with Manaka while shouldering that burden of watching her fall for Tsumugu who seems indifferent to Manaka. She probably also understood that Tsumugu cares and has an understanding towards the Shioshi kids equally. This can be supported when Tsumugu is talking to Chisaki about her not accepting herself and that he doesn’t dislike Chisaki because she is having trouble understanding Hikari. Tsumugu probably has absolutely no romantic feelings towards Manaka and she might feel that he is the source of all their drama.

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It hurt to see Manaka push away Hikari at the end of the episode. Hikari knows that their intentions towards each other differ but with the sudden stress cause by Shioshishio he jumped at the opportunity to hug her. It’s pretty clear now that Manaka has feelings towards Tsumugu but the extent of her feelings are a bit unclear. She obviously cares for Hikari in a way that seems unusual even for close friends but romantic tension can destroy friendships. With the Shioshishio prohibiting leaving to the surface, the possibility that Manaka never seeing Tsumugu again is apparent and the only person Manaka will have is Hikari. Things are already getting sad and with Manaka finally realizing Hikari’s feelings I can’t help but feel complete despair will fall on the Shioshi kids.

Next episode will answer our questions.

Predictions for next week:

I think we will find out Uroko’s intentions and the magnitude of this calamity. What about Akari and Miuna? The preview was very vague but showed Hikari and Manaka talking to Uroko so I’m sure we will get a little light on the romantic tension. It kills me having to wait a whole week to find out what’s going to happen, and even since everyone is nearing their worst state of mind since the beginning of the series.

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The scenery is always so amazing.

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One Response to Nagi no Asukara Episode 9

  1. Manaka pushing away Hikari hurt here too.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaname was going to be the most hurt after all of this. Despite always being there for Chisaki, he has yet to show any signs of being hurt by her feelings for Hikari.

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