Coppelion Episode 9

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Happy Thanksgiving, Coppelion!

With the contamination spreading throughout the Old Capital, the inhabitants of The Planet are forced to leave together. Ibuki is going through the labor process and Taeko is feeling anxiety of being part of the rescue unit however she has no knowledge or training when it comes to childbirth. Luckily, Granny Ayame, who was rescued previously by the Coppelion team, is a maternity nanny and agrees to assist in the guiding Taeko through the birthing process. The Coppelion girls and the inhabitants of The Planet spend their last day under the artificial sky dome and prepare for their evacuation. Even No-Sense is fitted with an arsenal to leave with everyone after Aoi makes a scene that No-Sense is a, “living being.”

The Ozu sisters are also on the loose easily escaping their constraints and we discover that Kanon has the ability to sense the ions in any living being within 1 kilometer.

My Thoughts:

First of all… Why the hell would you chain up a super human brute to a telephone pole knowing 1. She can easily break a telephone pole with two hands,  2. She can MOST LIKELY break through a dinky metal chain, 3. You are aware they will wake up later because you intentionally left them unconscious, and 4. THEY WANT TO PAINT THE BATHROOM WALLS WITH YOUR BLOOD?! The logic… Understandably, they are ethically smitten and will not kill them and it would also ruin the conflict of the story if you completely incapacitate them. Or perhaps the Coppelion girls agree with the Ozu sisters and want to see the world fall into a nuclear wasteland. Just Kidding.

Anyway to stay on track, this episode is actually keeping up with the little bit of momentum in the plot from the last two episodes but still fails to accelerate towards the climax any quicker. I feel like the whole pregnancy problem added to the story is irrelevant and just keeps delaying and derailing the flow. Eventually, it will reflect on the ethics and morals of the Coppelion girls compared to the other introduced Coppelion members so far that consider normal humans as inferior to themselves. This theme is also exaggerated with Aoi proclaiming that No-sense is actually a, “living being,” because it can simulate emotions and was able to sympathize with Aoi when she decided to shut herself away.

Man I wish I could sympathize more with the characters but you’re making it real hard for me GoHands.

Predictions for next week:

I’m really hoping next episode isn’t spent entirely on the pregnancy… But since they all left The Planet, things should start getting a bit smoother. Psycho sisters will most likely make their appearance to try to fudge everything up. Looking forward to it.

LFG. Buffs plz.

LFG. Buffs plz.


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