Diabolik Lovers Episode 10


“I am awakened!”

Now that the bombshell has been dropped it looks everything has been revealed. Yui is Cordelia’s new vessel. Yui is fighting to take her body back, but Richter explains that her blood is going through a transformation that makes the boys hunger for her blood more, causing them to fight over her ultimately with each killing the other. Yui would like to avoid being the cause of their deaths, so she determines it might be better to give in for their sake. It appears at the end of the episode, Cordelia has complete control of Yui’s body.


The explanation of Cordelia’s revival was interesting. Her “heart,” I believe, was the rose on the dress that Richter took on the night of her death; the same dress Yui is seen wearing this episode. The one thing I am wondering from there is, if Cordelia’s dress was taken, wouldn’t she be naked? In the episode where we see her death, she is clothed when Kanato arrives to incinerate her body. I just got a little confused by that.

I am wondering where Karl Heinz is in all this while Richter is trying to steal his brothers wife. I was also revealed that Richter fought Kark in the past for her, and he lost. This most likely place before her death. It could be possible that Cordelia planned her death and revival as a means to cut ties with him and be with Richter. The other possibility is one I mentioned in an earlier review, that Cordelia is power hungry and may have orchestrated the deaths of Karl’s other wives to make her the only to benefit from his wealth. This is purely speculation, and its quite the stretch. But I suppose since she is a vampire, human traits like greed do not apply to her.

Ayato seems to be showing more signs of infatuation with Yui and his desire to potentially keep her to himself as his wife. Ayato and Subaru, seem to care for Yui more than the others, which is interesting. I wonder what will happen between them or if they will be instrumental in bringing Yui back to the surface.

On another note, it seems Mars has some connection to vampires. Maybe the strand of DNA unique to vampires is something that broke off from Mars in the creation of the Solar System and and only a few creatures were able to survive here and evolve to the vampire we see today. Of course, I know this is just a symbol to represent blood, but its interesting to think about nonetheless.


As it seems Cordelia is in control now Yui may be lost, but the fact that the pose she was in when Cordelia was coming back into control was of prayer, I believe that is to show Yui is still in there so she only has until the end of the red moon to reject Cordelia and keep her body.

Ayato and Subaru may have some more screentime this episode or we will see Shu and Reiji, I am wondering what their reaction would be to seeing Cordelia. We may even finally see the mysterious ruler of the Ketchup Empire, Karl Heinz.

As always the floor is open to discussion leave any comments below and let me know what you think of my speculations, grammar, and the posts in general.

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