Kill la Kill Episode 8

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There can only be one!

Lady Satsuki announces the First Honnouji Acedemy Naturals Election, an epic 7 day battle to weed out the starred uniforms and self-elect those who are worth for a 3-star uniform. To Ryuko, this means within a week she will try to discover the truth behind her father’s death but to Mako this serves as a convenient vacation.

Ryuko, accompanied by Mako, takes a small trip to her old house to investigate her father’s death a bit more. Finding that the culverts that she originally found Senketsu had been cleared out and was left empty. Through a short flashback, we get a glimps of her father’s, “murderer,” (quotations are relevant, will explain that in my thoughts) and find out Ryuko’s initial motifs for attenting Honnouji Academy.

On the trip back home, the scooter breaks down and Gamagoori shows up in his psychedelic pink convertible to offer Ryuko and Mako a ride home only to be ambushed by the Airsoft Automotives Club. Gamagoori gets an opportunity to show off his Three-Star uniform’s ability: Shackle Regalia, that absorbs and stores all damage and unleashes the power back as a devastating attack. I tip my hat at Trigger for this scene for reminiscent reasons. During Gamagoori’s biding, he reveals that he held back a few years to be a part of Satsuki’s student council and though they have power, the don’t seem to be necessarily evil in nature.

The episode ends with the elite four and Ryuko standing as the 5 contenders to remain as Three-Star council members and if Ryuko defeats the elite four she will obtain the truth behind her father’s demise.

My Thoughts:

This episode has so much questionable plot holes being revealed. So far in these past 8 episodes, it has become clear that Satsuki and her Student Council have an incredible amount of influence on the academy but still abide by the rules. That leaves to question: who is above them?

There isn’t as much slapstick humor this episode though the whole Gamagoori scene earned a slap to the knee. Ryuko has a flashback of her father trying to stop her from chasing after the mysterious character but before Ryuko could return to hear her father out the mansion is aflame. Now this is one of the first plot holes: what did he have to tell Ryuko? He even said it isn’t worth following whoever it was that was escaping with no implication that it was even an enemy. It was intentionally left unclear as to who the figure was but through the silhouette it did resemble Satsuki. Even if it were Satsuki, she hasn’t presented herself as evil and I don’t think it can be claimed that her intentions are even any bit evil despite being questionably chaotic.

Then comes around to Gamagoori’s flashback. He never seems like the evil type of person, in fact, in his flashback he is trying to save that pitiful student. His loyalty to Satsuki makes him seem antagonistic towards Ryuko but he never directly promotes being evil towards her. It seems more of a first impression thing for Ryuko and the fact that he abides to the school rule as life or death as seen in the opening scenes of the premier episode. Ryuko isn’t necessarily the understanding type of person and holds to grudges pretty strongly.

One scene that stuck out was just as Gamagoori was “releasing” his uniforms power. Didn’t it look oddly familiar? Yeah, it was in episode 8 of Gurren Lagann right before Kamina and Simon first use the signature Giga-Drill Breaker. Coincidence?

Predictions for Next Week:

FIGHT! Of course there is gonna be a brawl! But if Trigger is still sticking to this weird synchronization with Gurren Lagann, I think next episode will be surprisingly slowed down. Nah, I doubt it. Ryuko gonna fight Gamagoori and pull out some new moves from her… she has sleeves? That fabric could have been used elsewhere on her Kamui Senketsu.

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