Nagi no Asukara Episode 8

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The wrath of the sea god is nigh.

After Hikari and Akari leave Shioshishio, they make their way to stay with Miuna and her father. There is a bit of unease and tension among them due to their special circumstances and even Miuna shows some guilt since she previously was against Akari deciding to become her stepmother.

Miuna approaches Hikari during the night while he is applying salt water to replenish his ena wishing to make things up to Akari by giving her a present. Hikari agrees to help her by taking her into the city with his friends to find a present. The following day everyone sets out for the city and Tsumugu shows up claiming he has errands to run in the city.

Most of the episode surrounds following around the kids as they search around the shopping district looking for a perfect necklace for Akari. However, there is a scene where Chisaki confronts Hikari alone about his feelings for Manaka. Hikari tells her that because of seeing Manaka change after meeting Tsumugu, he has come to accept his sister’s choices and decides to support Manaka’s decision as long as she is happy.

Eventually, the kids decide to help Miuna make a pendant to give to Akari. While Miuna is giving the pendant to Akari, salt flake snow begins to fall from the sky.

My Thoughts

I still can’t get over the great pacing of the story complemented by the great music. I’m not sure why but I was thinking of the technology of the world presented in Nagi. They have cars, televisions that work underwater, and a railway system which seems very simple enough. Also, the city that the kids visit has very different architecture that is strongly influenced by the ocean: wavy building walls and the ground is paved by cool colors similar to Shioshishio. Not to mention their inclusion of having specialized salt pool stations to accommodate those that have ena; this raises the question as to whether Shioshishio is not the only sea based society around Japan. If this were the case, will we hear of or see anyone else that has ena but being from a different village? I would love to see that.

I mentioned in a previous review about Hikari’s acceptance of Manaka and Tsumugu and his sister’s decisions, but now I am questioning how all this will affect the relationship between the friends. Chisaki confronts Hikari about Manaka and we find out that Hikari still does have feelings for Manaka but he is willing to change in order to keep everyone happy. But what are Manaka’s true feelings towards Tsumugu or Hikari? This is one part of the set of relationship based conflicts I am not too sure about. After Chisaki confronts Manaka about Tsumugu in a previous episode, Manaka never really claims to be in love with Tsumugu and she never openly expresses her feelings about Hikari besides being constantly distressed whenever he acts out or gets injured. I’m itching to find out what is really going on here and if the solution is going to be a happy or sad one.

A small point I noticed was Chisaki mentioning to Hikari that he shouldn’t change. I feel like out of the entire group, she is the most selfish and not in a derogatory way. She likes Hikari being overprotective and rash while she notices this new side of him being strongly supportive of Manaka and his sister and feels distraught over the whole ordeal. She wants Manaka to be happy too, but if Hikari keeps supporting her, she thinks he will always love Manaka and will never allow her the chance to confess to Hikari. She is too good of a person and I feel so bad for what she has to go through.

Though this world is so incredibly fantasized, the everyday conflicts depicted by everyone in the story is so relatable and comforting. The messages presented in Nagi hold real life value and share great morals on equality and relationships among other things. I shouldn’t fail to mention that Hikari and Miuna being in similar situations with each other act just as you would expect in a real world situation. Miuna clumsily carries around salt water just in order to show that she does care about Hikari, Akari, and everyone but as any other typical 8 year old, she doesn’t know how to express herself regularly. God she’s just such a cutie.

At the end of the episode, while the salt flake snow is coming down, I immediately thought it was actual snow but realized everyone’s attire and it struck me right in the feels. The sea god’s influence extends even over land and that is a scary prospect considering the Akari and the kids are caught right in the middle of it. I know things are going to get pretty intense from here on out and it’s killing me to find out what is going to happen!

Predictions for next week:

Salt flake snow on land? I already know the relationship between Miuna and everyone else is going to be fine, but what about with Shioshishio? I hope to find out what is going to happen with all the love triangles.

All dat Miuna!

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