Golden Time Episode 8

This week on Yaoi Time!

This episode Mitsuo is dealing with the rejection pretty badly and has himself holed up in his apartment due to his self-consciousness over Chinami’s rejection at the party. Banri decides to help Mitsuo through intervention similar to Nana’s intervention between Banri and Linda last episode. It seems Chinami is also a little hurt over the way Mitsuo has been acting, based on her actions when Mitsuo said they should never talk again, and when Banri and Kouko meet at the ticket gate for the amusement park. It appears the intervention worked by the end of the episode as the group of five had a small party at Banri’s apartment, and agreed to always try to meet up to hangout to preserve their friendship. We end the episode with Linda and Banri talking on the balcony about the past and Linda’s answer. Part of this is related to the flashback at the beginning of the episode that showed Banri and Linda’s relationship in high school.


That third wheel feel… I feel for 2D, he is taking it in stride like a trooper. I salute you sir!
On a serious note, this episode leaves me feeling torn, and a little upset I suppose.

Linda and Banri seem to be getting closer on a much deeper level than Banri and Kouko, it is to be expected I suppose since they knew each other very well before his accident so he would naturally feel closer to her. His outburst whether influence by his ghost or genuine seems to signal that the days of Kouko X Banri are numbered. This is pretty disheartening because while Kouko is more clingy than cyanoacrylate on the seat of your chair, it is a cute relationship that I think many people would like to see go somewhere considering the OP and ED. At the same time, I didn’t want to see Linda deeply conflicted inside because she couldn’t admit her feelings for Banri, even now with the beginning of the episode as proof, it seems obvious Linda is lying to Banri because she feels she does not want to be the type of girl who would try to stir up trouble in a relationship to get the guy she wants, which I respect.

Next is Chinami, I want to know what they are trying to say about her with what just happened this episode. It is clear her airhead nature is a defence mechanism, and her video camera to record events is something as well. I suspect it could be more amnesia related things, potentially an early onset of alzheimers, but that is more than likely a stretch. But I’m glad that Mitsuo seems to be getting along with Chinami, it was kind of irksome to see him avoiding her, but that is human nature so I can’t really fault him that much.


Based on the preview, Kouko has found out something potentially the picture of Linda and Banri from high school or she saw something else, that depresses her when Banri most likely lies about it or skirts the subject.

The name “Reset” suggests, that there will be some sort of do over, hopefully it will not be his ghost taking over his body to recreate the events of his accident to see what Linda’s true answer was to his question. But we will see next week.

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