Galilei Donna Episode 7

GD EP7 SC18Our world tour takes us to Japan, but first a detour…

With the location of the Tesoro known, Roberto closes in on the girls. A fight ensues ending with Roberto taking the Tesoro leaving the trio defeated. Just as Hazuki accepts their current predicament, she notices the sketches they collected and resolves to collect the rest of the sketches as a way to stay in the fight.


I guess the cliche has been thrown down. They are the only ones who can save the world. I mean I guess that is true considering they’ve been branded as international fugitives so not many people would be willing to work with them. I can’t say I didn’t expect it, because energy is important in the time period of this show so its not so far-fetched.

I think Roberto’s obsession with making paper cranes might have to do with Anna or someone we may meet in Japan in the next episode. But it seems despite his heartless nature, Anna is the only other person who has some influence on Roberto.

Despite how much I like Kazuki for being a pretty real person in terms of how she reacts to everything that has been happening I wonder when and how her demeanor will change, she momentarily got better when she piloted the Galileo the first time, but now she is back to her normal behaviour. Kazuki will probably see the most character development, Hozuki seems pretty to have accepted what is going on and has her plan but she is wavering. Lastly, Hazuki has always been a strong force out of the three, she has the most unwavering conviction. Anna seems to be useless to Roberto now since it seems her only purpose was to get close to the girls and provide Roberto with information on the girls’ location. I wonder what will happen to her now, she seems okay with the events thus far, but we’ll see what happens as the group travels collecting the rest of the sketches.

Before I forget, how are the sketches in all these different areas. I thought all of this would have to do with Engineering, Mechanics etc, and take place in areas Galileo is known to have been in during his lifetime. This is more reminiscent of Darker than Black in the sense that the main party traveled to different countries in search of an item. (I forget at the moment)

Am I incorrect for thinking the little piece of a score at the bottom of each sketch takes the notes and they are converted to gps coordinates that correspond to an area in Earth?


Other than seeing Japan I’m not sure what to expect in the way of sketch significance, but the image seems like part of a shrine. The only thing I can think of that is similar is one of the structures from Shinsekai Yori.

I think we might see Kazuki doing a little more development, and we may end up running into the Cicinho and co. again.

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