Coppelion Episode 8


So much doodoo hitting the fan. There is a huge imbalance of elements that could have potentially helped this series stand out but this mix between super human genetically engineered puppets and confusing plot progression is just insane. This week, however, the inconsistency pays off with constant shots of Ibara’s glorious humps. Just kidding.


The Ozu Sisters

Leaving right off from last week, Ibara goes ahead and brawls with the Ozu sisters, who are part of the Cleanup team, which unsurprisingly is the entire episode. Shion Ozu possessing superhuman strength while her older sister Kanon Ozu pays homage to a certain scientific middle schooler. Though, this episode serves rather uneventful, Haruto explains that each Coppelion member is genetically identical to real people who donated their cells with exception of their specific genetically engineered skill. This reasoning is used towards the fact that the Ozu sisters were cloned from a Japanese female idol who later turned out to be a serial murderer allowing her mental condition to be passed onto her clones.

Two-thirds into the episode, Kanon asks Ibara to help her assassinate the Vice Principal. Ibara declines the tempting offer and thwarts Kanon’s electricity and manages to confine the sisters.

My Thoughts:

I’m not too happy about this episode. Sure the climax is reaching fruition but instead of building up, it’s just… well not so good. Ibara is suddenly incredibly powerful, throwing a concrete light post at Shion. I knew that she was incredibly athletic but man that is pretty intense. Another thing that felt just awkwardly inconsistent was the amount of Ibara’s booty shots. Almost any chance there was to catch a peek at her tush was put in slow-mo or the camera was angled just enough to make sure we knew, understood, and took time to analyze the leotard bottoms she was wearing.

What I did find interesting was that each Coppelion member was genetically an exact copy of a real human, sharing personalities but differing in experiences. But why was Haruto the only Coppelion member aware of this and how did he also know of the Coppelion’s life expectancy?

Predictions for next week:

Just get on with the progression already. This pacing is terrible and I’m tired of seeing too much comic relief from Aoi one week then too much Ibara crack the next. I just want to get down to business and find out the true intentions of the Coppelion unit and what’s going on in the sarcophagus. Oh and why Haruto is walking around outside in the first place?

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