Diabolik Lovers Episode 9

YudeliaThe plot thickens…(pardon the pun…)

So now we know the exact aim of the “Awakening:” reviving Cordelia in a new vessel. Now the question is how will the events of the next few episodes play out?

I believe that Yui’s will is strong enough to impose some force on Cordelia, but not much probably. I expect that things might end with Yui may take her life with Subaru’s dagger if she cannot regain her body. Ayato “turning” Yui also feels like a possible end, as it could thwart Cordelia’s revival attempt.

I wonder how everyone will take her return, she will certainly have misgivings against her children as they conspired her death. Richter’s intentions seem limited to Cordelia’s return alone, but it is possible there could be ulterior motives driving him.

What are your thoughts?

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