Kill la Kill Episode 7

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I have to switch gears on the way I see Kill la Kill from here. Though, Kill la Kill does have a strong story line, a lot of this show isn’t based on story alone. The slapstick humor in this episode was way more reminiscent of Inferno Cop and Panty and Stocking, similarly to how episode 4 was several weeks ago. Somehow it all played out in Satsuki’s favor in the end which does support the plot but it’s still an interesting mix of storytelling.


Ryuko is bombarded by lower club’s two-star captains who are desperate for a three-star uniform upgrade. After discovering their intent, Ryuko decides to create her own school club to weed out the uniform wielders but ends up delegating Mako as the fighting club president which in turn allows her family to move out of the slums. How this system of welfare operates is unknown but probably irrelevant to the overall plot.

Anyway, using the club rules, Ryuko sets off to defeat as many small fry clubs as she can which continue to upgrade Mako’s family’s living conditions. With a comical turn of events, Mako’s family becomes content with greed and Ryuko ends up feeling secluded and alone. Ryuko demands to leave the fighting club but ends up fighting Mako after she suddenly receives her two-star uniform upgrade. Ultimately, Mako decides not to fight Ryuko and accepts living with her family back in the slums.

After the closing scenes, Satsuki had planned this out from the beginning using Ryuko to whittle down the amount of unnecessary clubs.


My synopsis was a bit longer than I expected.. but that’s pretty much all how this episode went. It was very straightforward and riddled with slapstick humor. At first I felt like this episode had nothing to do with the plot but it turned out to be pretty relevant though really side tracked.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.00_[2013.11.16_08.49.27]

But yo, Mako gets real!

I’m not sure how the whole importance of family is going to play into the plot but it was pretty interesting that Satsuki was using Mako’s greed to try to defeat Ryuko.


Predictions for next week:

I DON’T KNOW! I sort of feel like I’m watching some old school Cartoon Network show where the plot isn’t really important as long as it’s funny and meaningful. I love Kill la Kill but I feel like I’m watching Panty and Stocking all over again.

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