Nagi no Asukara Episode 7

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After the kids complete the Ofunehiki, they all agree to get enough signatures from the bay town Oshiooshi, but even with the signatures Hikari’s father rejects the idea since it was Oshiooshi’s idea to discontinue Ofunehiki that year. However, the elders from Shioshishio and the fishers of Oshiooshi agree to hold a meeting to discuss holding Ofunehiki that year and even Hikari’s father shows up to see things out. Eventually, the elders and fishers begin to fight over their separate grudges and accidentally destroy the statue. Hikari’s father watches calmly through the whole ordeal and asks his son if he was satisfied.

With this, Akari and Hikari ultimately decide to leave Shioshishio due to the differences amongst the two cities (grudges and whatever else they may be) but Uroko uses his powers to try to keep them from running off, mentioning a promise to protect them since they are his descendants.


The conflict in this episode emphasizes the differences between the two towns. It also is centered around Hikari as he accepts the coexistance between them. I feel really bad for what he has to go through: he loves Manaka but if he denies her for being in love with Tsumugu, not only could he push her away but he would also be denying Akari’s love for her boyfriend and Miuna. I also feel that he set so much resolve on continuing the Ofunehiki celebration not only to level the differences between the towns but also to show Manaka that he is worthy of her attention. There is so much riding on his shoulder that it just shows how naive he is.

I really feel like I need to mention Uroko’s words near the end of this episode. He says that he made a promise to protect Hikari and Akari due to them being someone’s descendants, and also mentioning to Hikari’s father that they are, “just as stubborn.”  Does this subtle foreshadowing mean that something had happened in the past regarding the children? Well… of course I knew that they were of some significance due to being the children of the town’s priest but Uroko adds some depth into their importance when he begins to use his divinity to prevent them from leaving. I’m just waiting to see how all this plays out.

Maybe I should read other aniblogger’s thoughts over this episode because it opens up some greater insight into the backstory. And sorry I’m not so sarcastic this post, I normally would but listening to the OP and ED just gives me to feels so hard that it was hard to deviate from getting my ideas down. Oh well.

Predictions for next week:

I’m thinking more backstory into the sea god’s importance on Hikari. How are Hikari’s friends going to react to his running away and the whole ena thing? Man I’m so hyped for this show for no reason.

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