Golden Time Episode 7

She stole my bike!

Remember that bike?

This week Banri and Kouko are enjoying being a couple; spending almost every waking moment together, going on dates etc.. Mitsuo ended up getting his hair bleached after being rejected and Linda gets finally gets Banri to speak to her so she can explain what he was like and what she means by, “It’s my fault.”


The first feelings of love are euphoric and everything feels amazing, the world feels so much brighter. That’s how it felt this episode, and we had various characters to bring a darker shade into the mix. Banri and Kouko seem more than overjoyed with their relationship, although Banri seems a little less enthused than Kouko especially when she lays her plans down.

I would like to say Kouko’s reaction when she stumbled upon Banri’s stash was realistic, but it was probably a little over the top. Still better than the reactions in other shows.

I think this week a subtle point that was brought up, was that sometimes plans do not always go accordingly. Kouko has all these plans for her life, but slowly they started to fall apart the past few episodes, I get the feeling that will start to happen some more. So I believe part of the plot will explore actions to take when plans go awry. Of course having multiple plans is a failsafe, one that Kouko seems to not have thought about it seems.


I believe Banri will develop a relationship with Linda still, but only as friends for the time being. Kouko and Banri will continue to be a super-duper-lovey-dovey-vomit-inducing couple that makes me cry. But I get the feeling this will change in the future.

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