Galilei Donna Episode 6

The Galilei Tesoro

We’ve found the Galilei Tesoro! So what exactly do the sketches lead to?

This week Hazuki is feverish after the previous episode’s events, and the quartet visit a hospital to procure medicine. Incidentally, this is the same hospital that the Black Ganymede Pirates and Roberto Materazzi crash landed in after an air fight. Due to the severe blizzard the two parties were looking to strip the hospital of some electronics to repair their aerial machines. During the course of the events we learn of Roberto’s past and how he came to be the cold person he is, and Cicinho as he became the leader of the Black Ganymede Pirates. When Roberto is momentarily subdued by the pirates, Anna makes an entrance that looks suspicious to Cicinho. When the blizzard knocks out the power however people start to get restless demanding the energy be routed from the ICU patients to the lower floors with the people who are alive, the sickening greed and selfishness of the people push Roberto to take action killing many of the people there including Cicinho’s comrade, Kiara. Hozuki bearing witness to this attempts to stop him and accidentally causes Roberto to fire a shot that ruptures a gas tank that ignites and blows a hole in the side of the hospital. Her pendant again shines protecting her and the people there, and shoots a beam of light into the sky. When she wakes up the blizzard has subsided, and they three take the medicine and leave to treat Hazuki and get away from psychopathic Roberto.


This episode was pretty interesting, talking about some themes that are ever present today, but things I do not think many people worry about in the modernized world. Overcrowding and lack of resources is a very real thing that is being experienced in other part of the world. It is starting to become more prevalent, and I believe this will play a major role in the plot if not a minor point that will be resolved.

Roberto’s past helps us to see what made him this way, although I am wondering what his prosthetics are like. It is likely they are still metal, but we have not seen left hand or right leg revealed yet. Cicinho’s story is cliche, but believable, because it is hard not to want to be around a person with a good attitude that is inspirational.


Next week we will more than likely be looking for the next sketch, but now Roberto will be fueled to seek out the girls even more, so they will need to be more cautious than ever. But they have an ally in the Black Ganymede Pirates since Cicinho is infatuated with Hazuki, which is not hard to believe. Her attitude somehow attracts one to her, but that can be left up to discussion.

I believe soon we will see the Adni Moon president using Sylvia to lure the girls so that he can steal the Tesoro from them.

As always leave any comments below. I like to discuss with any readers who are interested.

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