Diabolik Lovers Episode 8

This episode details the events that led to the death of Cordelia, Ayato’s mother. And a small tidbit of information about Subaru.


I am glad to be seeing something in the way of character development as we learn a little more about the triplets: Ayato, Kanato, and Raito. We have learned of each brothers involvement in their mother’s demise, Ayato gouging a hole in her body, Raito pushing her from the balcony of her room, and Kanato burning her corpse. The way Cordelia died fits the death typical of her character archetype.


I think this was already obvious, but the room Yui stumbled upon in the first episode happened to be Cordelia’s room, which is central to the events happening.  It is possible Cordelia or Richter had a hand in bringing Yui to this place for the “Awakening” Richter had mentioned before.

We can also see now that the dress Cordelia was wearing when she died is the same dress that is in the underground tunnel room. The rose on this dress however is no longer white, but soaked blood-red.


I think since we are winding down, to the last few episodes, we will see a lot more information leading up to the “Awakening.” We may see what Richter and Cordelia have to do with this, since it seems they know more than the six brothers.

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What are your thoughts on the latest episode and the events to come?

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