Kill la Kill Episode 6

Classy, Mako

Classy, Mako


In Kill la Kill this week, the direction of the plot doesn’t necessarily center around Ryuko though it motivates her towards her initial goal of hunting for her father and the other half of the scissor blade.

Ryuko wakes up to Aikuro in his room and learns of Nudist Beach and has the same reaction we did from last episode: what?

Switching scenes, there are some shady activities going on in the student council. A huge bundle of life fibers are unloaded for the science club captain in order to develop even more two star uniforms. There is an urgent tone implying that some stuff might be hitting the fan pretty soon.

I can only seem to keep this entry a bit shorter than the others because the events in this episode are more centered around one of the elite four members, Uzu Sanageyama. It delves into his backstory a bit prior to joining Hannouji Acedemy under Satsuki who recruits him by defeating his old clan years ago. He challenges Ryuko to a fight using his three-star Goku uniform: Blade Regalia but ends up losing. After his defeat, Uzu is threatened to be exiled but sacrifices his sight as his ultimate resolve which allows him to rematch against Ryuko. Weilding the Blade Regalia MkII, he defeats Ryuko forcing her to retreat reminding her of her goal in finding her father and the secret behind the life fibers.

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My Thoughts:

Who is Uzu and why does he stand out this episode more than the other Elite members? I feel that since he also shares the same voice actor as Viral from Gurren Lagann, he might have a similar importance to Kill la Kill’s plot as Viral ultimately allies with Simon. If you haven’t seen Gurren Lagann then I won’t spoil anything else besides that Viral was originally portrayed as an antagonist.

During Kill la Kill’s premier episode, the pacing of the story jumps right into Ryuko showing up and challenging Satsuki right off the bat. I understand that Ryuko slows down her pace after taking having a bunch of amazing battles so the events in this episode must have fired up her priorities when she originally appeared at Hannouji. Still a great episode but it lost a point from me due to the perspective being a bit slanted in the sense that episode 6 isn’t very comparable to the previous five weeks.

Anyway, I may have missed some major points in the plot so I’ll be discussing it with others later and probably come back to finish my thoughts here.

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.21_[2013.11.08_22.28.09]

Predictions for next week:

I actually started making predictions this week. Though the preview was mainly just Mako’s face, I actually think they intend on keeping next week’s episode to be unclear or possibly a recap episode(?). I’d like to figure out how or where the life fibers are obtained and feel a bit of influence from Fullmetal Alchemist if you sense what I’m getting at.

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