Nagi no Asukara Episode 6

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The children from Shioshi are beginning to integrate better with their classmates, making new friends, and getting along much nicer despite the small amount of discrimination when they first began to attend Mihama Junior High. However, the drama between Manaka and Chisaki continues to grate away and Hikari becomes even more conflicted over his love towards Manaka. Waiting to see what happens to the crew every week is enough to make me cry.

Continuing from last week after Manaka learns of Chisaki’s romantic interest in Hikari, Manaka’s clumsy and timid nature only annoys Chisaki and pushes her away from her friend. All the while, Hikari having realised that he has to make a choice to love Manaka also causes himself to push her away. Kaname points out that Hikari is not the center point of their group but in actuality Manaka is the center and she drives them all as a whole through her actions. Though it is a bit vague at this point, it is true that whatever her choice is whether to continue chasing Tsumugu or to accept or deny Chisaki’s interest in Hikari should affect the outcome of this major conflict.

This week, the class at Mihama goes swimming! It turns out that just because you live in the water, it doesn’t make you an amazing swimmer. I feel this has a certain hidden implication that there is much to be discovered about the children from Shioshishio. Tsumugu makes little work of Hikari in their race but never finished due to Hikari suddenly becoming distracted by Manaka on the poolside and ends up injured. Manaka quickly appears right there by his side but only hurts Chisaki more since she is very aware of Hikari’s interest in Manaka and didn’t jump in the pool to help Hikari.

There are several scenes of the other classmates attempting more interaction with the Shioshi kids including the scene where Kaname is talking to a girl during cleanup duties and he catches the two third graders, Miuna and Sayu hiding in the bushes who are hoping to help in rebuilding the destroyed Ojoshi statue. Soon after, we see that several of the other classmates including the two boys that Hikari originally accused of destroying the Ojoshi statue show up to help out. And what’s this? Miuna blushes when she sees Hikari?

A wild Loli appears!

A wild Loli appears!

Manaka continually attempts to get Chisaki to interact more with Hikari which only forces Chisaki to run away. Though Manaka is completely unaware of Hikari’s interest in her, Manaka cluelessly attempts to mend the mysterious damage between her and Chisaki, catching a perfect opportunity when the rare phenomenon Tomoebi occurs. Chisaki tells Manaka that she wishes nothing would change and that they would stay together forever; her words fit as a bit of foreshadowing into the later episodes. Sounds quite reminiscent of Ano Hana, doesn’t it?

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.52_[2013.11.07_21.59.55]

Tomoebi, when the underwater cold front collides with the warmer temperature causing salt flakes to reflect the sun.

My Thoughts:

This episode surprises me even more. I am never taken back at sudden plot twists because of how well paced this series is. I can never clearly make any predictions on the events but as soon as each episode closes I can’t help but feel curious for next week. Each episode so far has been centered on specific relationships rather than jumping around between characters and their problems. Also, what is with the little Miuna blush?! It’s so incredibly cute that it hurts…

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.44_[2013.11.07_21.59.05]

I feel like the relationship between the monotone Tsumugu and Manaka isn’t actually as close as Hikari makes them out to be but it just adds that little bit of dramatic spice that makes it that much more interesting. Of course, since it is currently driving Hikari into walls (pun intended) over his love towards Manaka, I can only wait for the climax to hit.

Predictions for next episode:

I’m really hoping for more development between the love triangles going on, and a bit of closure between Manaka and Chisaki. Since this episode was between them, I’m sure next week will follow a different route. As we all know, the season is shifting from summer into fall, the season of breakups.

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