Golden Time Episode 6

Tense Atmosphere

Tense Atmosphere

This week on Maury!

This episode details more of Banri’s character before his accident, and the events that led up to it. Banri also, comes to a head, with his relationships with Linda, and Kouko. Giving them ultimatums, Kouko was the first to confess her love to Banri, but was it real?


This weeks episode, was a little informative, but not a whole lot happened. More than anything, Banri being in the middle of two friends quarreling and a past relationship that he was left in the dark about left him confused and angered. When confronting both parties on each occasion he gave them a simple question “yes or no.” The answer would decide if he would continue being around them or to simply move on. While this is somewhat mature in the sense that he does not want to waste time in a fruitless relationship, I feel Banri forced things to move too quickly, and the pacing feels completely thrown off. He attacks Kouko first, because we all know she just needed someone to be around since she was still in love with Mitsuo, ultimately hurting Banri’s feelings deeply. Next is Linda, as he confronts her about his past, and she reveals she felt it was her fault that he wound up nearly dying, waiting for her at their usual spot. Banri’s rash actions while producing results did not give meaningful responses and I feel this will only serve to complicate things, but this will definitely make for more conflict to progress the story.

Next episode I expect a lot of awkwardness, as Banri and Kouko try out their new relationship. But I wonder how this will affect Linda, who clearly has feelings for Banri.

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