Galilei Donna Episode 5


Welcome to the Netherlands, home of the wooden clogs and cheese! Oh and it is very cold here!

Our next stop in our world tour is the Netherlands. Here the girls meet a local group of pirates opposing the Adni Moon Corporation, and learn of their monopoly on energy resources.

New Characters



Leader of the Blue Hawk Pirates, he seems to be of the idea that He and the Ferrari sisters are allies, since they are international criminals



Member of the Blue Hawks, a young man, who wants to he a great engineer. Made a replica of Galileo’s Telescope that he used to sketch the Moon’s surface.



 Young girl and friend of Theor, she like him, but cannot admit it.

The girls land in an abandoned town that is home to a group of pirates known as the Blue Hawk Pirates who have been stealing from the Adni Moon Corporation. They explain that they are fighting against their corrupt business practice, telling Hazuki and company that the corporation limits energy sources in an area to force more people to live there as well as raising the rates to make extreme profits. While Hazuki discusses the best way to go about dealing with Adni Moon, Anna and Kazuki plan to look for the next sketch the next day, and Hozuki meets a young man named Theo. Theo and Hazuki share common interests and, like Hazuki, Theo is an aspiring engineer that likes to think big. Hazuki feels like she finally has someone that can understand her. As Hozuki interacts with him, they stumble upon the location of the next sketch immediately seeking Ludger to tell him the good news, but he had just told Adni Moon where to find the pirate base. Upon revealing this Ludger leaves attempting to harm Hozuki and Theo, activating Hozuki’s hourglass like pendant that seemed to absorb the shock from falling debris, knocking Hozuki unconscious, upon arrival Theo implores that Hazuki and the others rescue Hozuki while he goes back to the pirate HQ to see what he could do. He finds Karen clutching his telescope, and as they try to leave, she injures her leg. Immobilized the two await their fate in the rundown train station as missiles signal their fate.


This episode, was kinda heart wrenching. We did not get a chance to really know the characters but, I still felt pangs of sadness at the end of this episode. I do not know if I can say this was good storytelling or me being overly sentimental about minor characters, but I feel this should serve to advance the plot in some direction. I believe that this will most assuredly affect Hozuki in the next episode, as she sees the horrors the world has to offer. With the second sketch in tow they can move on to collect the next one, but can they do so knowing that they or whoever they come in contact with could die? This seems to be a good question they writers have posed, because until now I do not think they considered this, being from their city lifestyle and not really having to worry about much as long as they were cautious, life just got more real than they had ever imagined.

It seems Hozuki’s pendant holds more secrets than we previously thought, for one thing it seems to react to moonlight at a certain angle, and also seems to create a sort of null zone around objects exerting a force on the wearer, this could bear some relevance, to Newton’s Laws of Physics, but I will not say for sure. I just feel it could be something along those lines. As for the material inside the material inside the hourglass, I believe it could be moonsand, although I do not know how Hozuki could have gotten her hands on something like that, although it seems almost anything is possible with this girl. We’ll have to just wait and see I suppose.

Did I forget the mention that this is the best show has the best OP of Fall 2013?

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