Pokemon: Origins Synopsis and Review

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Title: Pokemon The Origin

Format: OVA

Studio: Production I.G

Director: Itsuro Kawasaki

Air Date: Oct. 2, 2013

Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Fantasy

 If you were a Pokemon fan since the early stages of the first generation, Origins has finally done something for the aging fan base. Production I.G, Xebec and XLM has shown appreciation to the original fans by releasing a 4 part OVA that pay tribute to the Original Pokemon games. It’s an OVA that shows what every original player had to go through as playing the default main character given, originally Red in their journey throughout Kanto. A small animation short that will sum up Red’s Journey and accomplishment in a small amount of time. The same battles, route and consequences that you had to face in your game. This is a series that is a true game to anime adaption in by all means similar than the original Pokemon anime. What we wish that can be a full blown Pokemon Reboot is just an OVA (Original Video Animation) cater to the die hard fans.vlcsnap-2013-11-03-23h43m19s157

 Like in all Pokemon adventures it all starts out with a young boy living in a small town, as you know it; Pallet Town. Before our eyes, Red finally have a voice and personality. Having a known voice actress, Junko Takeuchi for roles like Naruto to add a voice to this given personality. It’s a personality well suited best to Red’s Journey, as his ambitions and his motives propels the trainers dream in Pokemon Journeys. Which is to be the best and capture as many goddam Pokemon you can, train them is your cause mindset.

 But having a goal isn’t always easy and a journey isn’t always comfortable. There’s always counter measures to everything as goals can be competitive and Journeys mean consequences and hardships. Will Red be the number one trainer in Kanto, if his talented and handsome Rival Green is aiming for the same goal? You know the Rival who is always one step ahead of you and capitalize on your mistakes to take advantage on your every move.

Blue always takes stronger Pokemon, ###hole...

Green always takes stronger Pokemon, ###hole…

 In order for Red to be the Best, you gotta prove it in the Pokemon League, Defeat the 8 gym leaders and collect each badge to get into Indigo League and fight the Elite four to prove your the Best! For an action oriented adventure that matches Shonen plots, that usually takes large quantities of episodes. I’m afraid this won’t cover the whole journey, the story is kept short in the only 4 parts with an Hour and a half of animation. This is pretty disappointing. Since this is only consider an OVA and those aren’t usually meant to cover a main storyline. This is just an animation short in all means necessary. Everything about his road to Indigo will be filled in with a small summary and most of it Omitted to reduce tangents and animation duration.

 I’ll give a quick synopsis of what each episode contain. If you’re sensitive to any things that give away to each episode, just scroll down.

PokeReview ep 1 synopsis

Episode 1 – Red: Our Main protagonist Red starts his Journey from Pallet Town, when stepping in Professor Oak’s Laboratory along with his Rival Green to accept a Pokemon their Journey. Red hesitantly chooses Charmander as his starter while Green chooses Squirtle and bests Red in a Pokemon battle embarrassingly. Red heads to Pewter City to obtain his first badge, where he heads face to face Brock the Gym Leader, where as he learns how to be a trainer and gain the spirit of one.

PokeReview ep 2 synopsis

Episode 2 – Cubone: Since the last Gym showdown, Red have obtained 2 more badges and obtained more powerful Pokemon. Red set foot in Lavendar Town and comes across the legend of the Pokemon Tower with it’s ghostly legends. What’s suppose to be a pious structure for burying dead Pokemon had been taken over by Team Rocket. This is where Red faces an Antagonist faction for the first time with intentions to mean harm on people and Pokemon. Red meets an orphaned Cubone that’s been victim by Team Rockets poaching that resulted in the death of his mother. Cubone seeking for revenge, runs away to the Pokemon Tower and Red decides to pursue and take on the large Organization known as Team Rocket.

PokeReview ep 3 synopsis

Episode 3 – Giovanni: Ever since the incident at Lavendar Town, Red obtains a few more badges and journeys towards Saffron City. Whilst on route, Red and Green intervene in Rockets attempt on capturing a mysterious woman, who they find out is Silph co. President. With the moral of Heroism and strong grudge against Team Rocket, Red takes on Team Rocket again that’s planning to take over Silph Co. During turn of events Red’s Pokemon evolves in their final stages and marches on his last badge. When faced to face against the 8th Gym Leader, Red tunes in for a surprise…

PokeReview ep 4 synopsis

Episode 4 – Charizard: The Last OVA, Red is already a Hero that triumph over an Evil Organization and enters the Indigo League to become the Champion. Red is in the league of his match as he isn’t the only there… Also during post-Indigo league events, Red’s Charizard challenges a Rare unknown Pokemon that holds immense Power.

 All these events relate mostly to Team Rocket and his skirmishes, rather than the League goal. Each episode had a generic plot, where evil takes over and a Hero cleanses the problem, with a sense of Justice. This is the untold story of how Red going all out with a powerful organization Team Rocket that plays the antagonist role in all of Pokemon. This portrays a dark image on the Underground society and it’s cruel intentions to mean harm on the innocence. Red is the only capable brave enough hero that will stand up them and put those in need before his journey.

 The OVA is somewhat followable on Red Journeys and tries to inform as much they can with little intro time of what happens. As Linear as they try to explain the timeline of the game, a lot of stuff were just cut that was crucial in the game and time lapses from one period to another. What seems to be the main goal felt mostly a side story that was overshadowed by another story or arc in place. They tried telling two stories in one OVA but couldn’t be equally told at the same pace. Luckily it kept through from start to the end best of its time given.

 The Animation in this was good, the characters look proportionate and nicely design, the environments and scenery looked crisps with some motion blur effects to them. It seems up to date with moderate budget anime this current generation but what stands out in the animation was it’s battle sequences. To see monsters duke it out in nicely choreograph moves and cinema graphic unique angles was something I never saw in any other Pokemon series. Fights that even made me cringe a bit as their bodies sometimes look like rag dolls and their reactions on beaten Pokemon’s face terrifies me sometimes. As the time go by in the OVA and Pokemon get stronger, more action ripples throughout each frame. To the point where the Environment around the fights are damaged. I’m glad they saved most CG they could on just battles than background settings and lives up to hype.

Final Thoughts and Comments

Pokemon The Origin is those of Nostalgic towards Pokemon and feel as if everyone at Game Freak is giving an appreciation. Even if I haven’t caught up with most of the Pokemon series and may be long forgotten from it’s former fans. It was enjoyable to see my favorite game character to be animated up on screen beating bad guys and becoming the champion. Nostalgia may be a huge factor for Pokemon fans to watch this, but I see a lot of it as starting point for non-fans to get into the franchise. I was hoping for more characterization with the rest of the cast of Pokemon and interaction throughout the story, like the gym leaders and more on Red’s developing personality.

Final Score: 8/10

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