Golden Time Episode 5


Linda is still best waifu hands down.

This week we see past events and observe how characters are trying to come to terms with them.

This was a little late, I was procrastinating on deciding whether I wanted to write weekly reviews for Golden Time episodes, but let’s get down to business.

Banri tries to come to terms with the fact that he knew Linda before his accident. Kouko too tries to find something to fill the void after Mitsuo’s rejection. Classes and the Festival Society seem to be the only things that keep Kouko’s mind occupied.

My Thoughts / Reactions

This episode confirmed suspicions that Linda indeed knew Banri before his accident. But then why are they suddenly in the same place? To answer this we look at the flashback when Banri was in the hospital and we learn that Banri met Linda then and she told him to enroll a Tokyo university. I felt that despite Linda’s kind demeanor, it was very underhanded for her to do this knowing what she knew. This led me to believe that she was the one that ran Banri off the bridge on accident, possibly out of immature rage. I expect a heartfelt confession of the events that led to Banri’s accident and Linda’s complete breakdown, in which we will finally understand how she has been feeling. However, this will probably not derail the expected ending between Banri and Kouko.

Banri’s ghost is something that I feel was very odd to integrate into the story due to my western perception of ghosts, I do not know about how eastern cultures treat ghosts and the supernatural. Until this point, I felt story was pleasing even if the Linda/Banri past relationship was thrown in, but I cannot rule out that this will make things more interesting. I do not know enough on Japanese culture to speak about how they perceive ghosts, unless Ghost in the Shell is an example of that.

That brings me to the next thing about Linda and the flashlight outside the hospital, this may have been something similar to lighthouses showing ships where the coastline was on a foggy night, except here the light represents a beacon for the ghost to return to the body; but this is purely speculation.

Kouko’s constant affirmation of her friendship with Banri seems to be a mechanism for her to assert that she still has control on something in her life. After Mitsuo’s rejection she seems to be having a hard time adjusting to a life where she seems to have little to no purpose. Where once her life was centered around her relationship with Mitsuo, it is now centered around nothing…

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What are your thoughts on the story and the conflicts at this point?

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