Diabolik Lovers Episode 7



I probably got more out of this episode than the previous ones combined.

This episode showed how each of the brothers grew up influenced their mothers’ status. Afterwards we return to the usual vampire activities.

My thoughts

I did not pay attention to this before, but the important brothers have the same eye color as their mother. This serves to show who is next in line to be head of the family, meaning Subaru, Shuu and Ayato are all in contention for that seat. Each of their mothers had some method of grooming them to be suitable, be it studies, formalities, or simply the ability to kill opponents.

Ayato’s mother seemed to be the most self-righteous of the three, with a haughty attitude and while Shuu’s mother seems more calm and sensible holding a higher status, lastly Subaru’s mother seems to be the lowly of the three confined to a tower.

I am wondering what happened to Subaru’s mother because we do not know if she died, all we know is that she was confined in the the tower. We know Reiji potentially killed his mother based on the scene from a few episodes ago. So the question is why is Ayato’s mother still alive, and what are her intentions with Yui. It seems she has plans to use Yui to do something. I feel it is concerned with that torn dress with blood dripping from it. Also what part does Richter play in all this, he was first seen in the room with the dress, the then we saw him again talking to Subaru and lastly, we’ve seen him here in this flashback, lavishing Ayato’s mother with praise.  I believe they had plans for taking ownership in the family and she plans to use Yui to complete her goals.


I cannot think of anything at the moment, I believe we will probably just see a little more development, but I believe Ayato is onto something, and we may see his reaction in the coming episode.

What are your thoughts?

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