Kill la Kill Episode 5

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Let me tell you two useful pieces of information. One: this episode doesn’t let down on Kill la Kill’s quick wittiness and absurd animation despite taking on a slower pace. Two: we have a brand new direction of development in the story including a new main character and some foreshadowing to tie in everyone’s resolve. The animation style has quite the improvement in comparison to the previous 4 episodes, looking way more reminiscent of Gurren Lagann this time around.

Oh snap someone is going to snipe Ryuko! Oh nevermind, that’s just our friendly neighborhood mercenary-ish Tsumugu Kinagase. Like all the other main characters in the show, he has a loud personality and a signature quirk which is symbolic of this series (similar to Aikuro-senpai’s habit of stripping around Ryuko). He is introduced into the Kill la Kill scene by taking down one of the two star members with a specialized needle gun that negates life fiber powers. It doesn’t take long for him to challenge Ryuko where we are revealed of his intentions: to rid Ryuko of Senketsu and later to prevent her somehow ‘inevitable’ death. Ryuko is rescued by Aikuro-sensei who reveals himself to be acquainted with and holds similar intentions as Tsumugu. Their main goals involving Ryuko can only be speculated on for the mean time.

Nonon Jakazure, one of the Four Elites and head of the school’s non athletic clubs, sends her army of lackies to take on Ryuko and Tsumugu in the midst of their heated battle. During a little dialogue between Nonon and the head of the science division, a bit of scheming is revealed in the background amongst Satsuki and her student council. Details are a little bit unclear but there is definitely an air of something more complex that Ryuko is currently unaware of.

Friendship becomes a major theme.


Tsumugu Kinagase Mysterious man from a secret association against the use of life fiber uniforms

Tsumugu Kinagase
Mysterious man from a secret association against the use of life fiber uniforms

Gardening Club Tarrance General Manager Kusanosuke Yagaruma Easy KO for Tsumugu

Gardening Club Tarrance General Manager Kusanosuke Yagaruma
Easy KO for Tsumugu

Biology Club 100% Free

Biology Club
100% Free

Honnouji Rakugo Club Ignore them.

Honnouji Rakugo Club
Ignore them.

100 Poems By 100 Poets Club Chihayafuru wannabes

100 Poems By 100 Poets Club
Chihayafuru wannabes

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.22_[2013.10.31_21.15.34]

Gardening Club Backyard General Manager Squint-Eyed Kusatao Uwabami

My Thoughts:

Even with the change of pace I continue to be thoroughly pleased with this show. One of my questions towards the show so far is how Ryuko can attend classes regularly without constantly being attacked by the student council? She is shown rescuing Mako but she isn’t usually directly targeted. I’m sure it will be revealed later on but even so, the show is so pretty laid back and strays from forcing us viewers to have to think too much.

I have to mention the sudden change in animation; this episode (and I’m sure majority of the episodes from here on out) has a much more improved art style and utilizes more key frames. Also, the show still retains it’s eccentricity but with the introduction of friendship as a major theme and the reveal of an anti-life fiber organization, a new, much heavier tone was taken on. I’m really enjoying the direction this show has taken and pleasantly waiting for next week.

Oh and I have to mention… I’m going to go on a whim and guess that Tsumugu is directly related to Ryuko and his intentions to “save” Ryuko from Senketsu is due to trauma as a child. What is this trauma? Well… THE DEATH OF HIS MOTHER! Hit me with an objection at anytime but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Predictions for next week:

Senketsu somehow helping Ryuko prove she’s not insane. This episode did create quite a few questions but nothing too serious: what is Satsuki scheming and how is Tsumugu going to get himself more involved?

Whelp, onto next week! If you’ve read this far don’t forget to check out our youtube and our podcasts! Follow us for some great stuff coming in the future!

Flash Rating:

9/10 (Mainly due to overall enjoyment)

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