Galilei Donna Episode 4

The Forest

Ready for the journey through crypts and ancient ruins, in search of Galileo’s lost sketches?

This week we begin our search for the sketches in, “il bosco.”

This week the girls travel to Germany and have a run in with some familiar and not so familiar faces, coming one step closer to collecting the necessary pieces that will guide them to the Galileo Tesoro.

Honestly, this episode could not be more underwhelming. The girls meet a weird old dude that has this medical machine that can diagnose people, that is pretty handy I suppose.

Hazuki and Hozuki decide to go shopping while they ponder the location of Galileo’s sketch, and don conspicuous garb in order to evade detection from the general populace, however this does not stop thugs from the Black Ganymede pirates from recognizing them.

To make matters worse Hozuki nearly dies trying to rescue plates she bought to replace the ones Kazuki destroyed. Hozuki is ill from her near death experience, Cirinho is on their trail and their only hope to treat Hozuki is Hans’ Micro Doctor.

All in all this episode involved some action it was not slow in terms of the events going by, the main problem is that the events are just too opportune for the girls so they always seem to get out of a pinch without much fighting. I guess that is mainly to avoid having the world’s most powerful airship in the hands of a thirteen year old. I prefer not to go on diatribes about things I dislike, but this episode rather had me not in a happy frame of mind, more just where is the grace and eloquence I was expecting?

I think I am being extremely harsh with Galilei Donna, but this is not what I was expecting at all and shame on me for getting frustrated when I should not have put my expectations so high. I was kind of hoping for something classical, that would appeal to the engineer in me I suppose you can say. The machinery is very interesting and I ponder the mechanisms as I watch; I was really hoping for a bit of a history lesson with some engineering and physics knowledge inundating my noggin each episode amidst the girls cleverly escaping the grasps of the pirates and Adnimoon.

Neverthess, I still enjoyed what we get to see of each character, though currently I feel Kazuki is the only one that seems “human,” because she is actually having emotions in relation to all this. Everyone else seems to just be going with the flow, Anne is clearly very suspicious and the girls have not caught on, however I am sure soon something will come to light. As for Hozuki and Hazuki, they both seem to be very complacent with their new situation in life; they just randomly accept this task to find the Tesoro, even though they know nothing about it. Although maybe that might be the only real, reaction to take because sitting around would only end up in their eventual demise, so I could be too harsh on them as well.

For next week the next piece of the puzzle may have to do with the phases of the moon based on the large moon drawn on the parchment Hans gave them. I believe we may learn more about Anna, as she was clearly caught snooping in the girls quarters. So this will shed some necessary light on her background, though it could end up being false. We’ll see, I have not much concrete evidence, but I am looking forward to next week. Even if I got pretty heated over things, this show is still the one I look forward to the most each week. Kazuki makes it all worth it.

How do you all feel about the latest episode, and the progression of events thus far?

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