Coppelion Episode 5

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If I can sum up everything so far about Coppelion into one word it would have to be: bland. The progression of this show is choppy and all the plot holes just make the show that much more difficult to follow. Theres a plethora of new characters thrown in with hardly any backstory or reason that simply serve to develop the Coppelion girls’ scattered character traits. But despite all the character development, I still can’t help but feel so detached from the girls due to all the over-dramatized events.


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1st Division Ghosts

They kinda pop up out of nowhere and apparently they were supposed to have been wiped out over 15 years ago. Also… a tank?

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Kajii Ibuki

Pregnant daughter of Gojirou. Why is she even still in Old Tokyo?

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Kajii Gojirou

Ibuki’s father. There is no real info on him or his daughter.

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Prime Minister Natsume

Stubborn Prime Minister of Japan who conveniently shows up to add plot twist..

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Cabinet Secretary Ougai

Secretary to the Prime Minister and has very little character.

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Chief Kurobe

Leader of the group that Coppelion shows up to rescue.

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An AI built by Gennai. It’s name is very relevant.

This week we start up where we left off. That is, I don’t even really know how we left off from last week anyway. The Vice Principal is dumping some contained waste into the Old Capital for whatever reason and the Ghosts show up to steal the waste and take down a security chopper just for fun. Why did they steal the contained waste? It is never really explained.

Moving on, the Coppelion girls happen to come upon a damaged van where they are introduced to the pregnant Ibuki and her father Gojirou. After a bit of fighting with the ghosts, a new remote bomb bullet from Ibara’s all-purpose Luger and a water hose fight, they all escape with Chief Kurobe and Gennai. Conveniently, prior to radioing in for extraction, Prime Minister Natsume discovers the surviving 1st Division and forces the girls to stay in order to combat against them.

I’m having a bit of trouble following the story so far, with more unanswered questions each episode. For starters, after 15 years, how is it that the 1st Division survived for so long in the contaminated Old Capital and why do they have so many weapons including a tank? Why the hell are there still people inhabiting the Old Capital and the fact that theres a pregnant woman casually traversing the city? There are so many horribly timed conveniences to add drama to the plot… Also, if they managed to build an android, why the hell did they find it necessary to send a bunch of girls to rescue people? AND WTF WAS THAT A REMOTE BOMB THAT IBARA SHOT OUT OF HER LUGER?! I wish I could find it more reasonable or interesting but this is killing me.

Predictions for next week:

Well we get to find out about an addition to the genetically engineered children. At the start of the episode Ibara had a flashback from school which was most likely a class of genetically engineered kids (I was really hoping this episode would be a flashback to cover the many plot holes that Coppelion keeps digging deeper), so next week we must be getting a bit more backstory. Progression, pls.

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  1. Something about that dome made me think of some kind of DBZ reference.

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