Golden Time First Impressions

Golden Time introduces us to Banri Tada, a first year law school who moves to Tokyo to start a new life. Along the way, he meets fellow students Chinami Oka, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, Kouko Kaga and Linda. Mitsuo and Kouko are childhood friends who are like oil and water. Mitsuo avoids Kouko like the plague, while Kouko does all in her power to be around Mitsuo because she feels they are destined to be together; a continuing conflict between the two characters. Banri forms relationships with new characters, notably a girl named Linda from the Festival Research Society, and Kouko. Due to Mitsuo’s avoidance of Kouko, Banri sympathizes with Kouko which serves to deepen their relationship over time.


Banri Tada – Amnesiac main character

Mitsuo Yanagisawa – Banri’s fellow law school freshman

Kouko Kaga – Mitsuo’s childhood friend who asserts that she and Mitsuo will be together forever.

Chinami Oka – Fellow law school student who is mutual friends with Mitsuo and Banri

Linda – A mysterious girl in the Festival Research Society, who seemingly has a past with Banri.

Satou Takaya – A first year law student who is only interested in 2D girls.


The current conflict in the show is the relationship between Kouko and Mitsuo who seem to be oil and water. Kouko insists Mitsuo and she are destined to be together forever, while Mitsuo asserts he has no interest in her.

The relationship between Kouko, Linda and Banri will also be another cause of conflict that will arise soon in the story.

My thoughts

Quite honestly, I was not going to watch Golden Time until Cloo told me that this show was set in college; being a recent graduate, I decided I would try it. So far, I am pleased, because it is something normal for me to enjoy and romance is always a plus.

I think the pacing for the show is okay, although things are progressing a little quickly but given the runtime of the show that is necessary. However, one thing that sticks out as convenient so to speak is Banri’s amnesia. It just sets up a lot of events that probably wouldn’t have happened however we cannot assume that as we do not know his personality before his amnesia. I will say this though; I believe the point of the amnesia is to impress upon viewers the point of college.

The point being that when you start your first day you are starting on a track that you create before you, all events are yours to control. This simply just states that when you are in college you are molding a new personality that will be a slightly more complete individual once you complete your university education. I believe the way they tackled this point adequately, though I do not know what is going to happen next so things could fall apart for all I know.

The characters are all rather believable even if they are not so fresh, I can attest to the fact that you will meet many different personalities in a university setting so I do not see much wrong with the characters in this show. At this point, I will say that Linda is probably my favourite character, but this is purely because she does not really stick out as Kouko does, I guess one could say she is the type of girl I would go for, but not really go for.

I have hope for Golden Time, but I do not expect it to be the best show of the season, I am just glad I have something to enjoy each week along with the other shows I am watching. It is nice to have variety in the shows I am watching each season. I hope you enjoyed my somewhat short first impressions. If you have any critiques or comments on how I approached this please comment below, I would like to see where I could improve my writing.

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