Kill la Kill Episode 4



I finished watching this episode feeling like I had watched a filler episode that had no impact on the overall story. The difference between this episode though was that it was fittingly fast paced but even further simplified in animations. Trigger pulls an Inferno Cop with lots of still characters sliding or shaking on screen during dialogue. This was also quite the homage to Gurren Lagann where the 4th episode for that series was also a bit unfitting and differed from the rest of the series.


Maiko Ogure

ep4 socrayep4 nope

This episode was pretty simple. Wake up early in the morning and trek to the school before 8:30AM or you’re expelled. Of course, fast paced action that has become a norm in the series as Ryuko, Mako, and the faker Maiko attempt to cross the obstacles. There is no other character development or motion in the plot but still really fun to watch.

Trigger forces the simplicity to the limit again borderlining the artwork of Panty and Stocking with the animation from Inferno Cop.

Emphasizing how I felt this episode was an homage to Gurren Lagann: the 4th episode of Gurren Lagann had a different animation director causing quite the confusion among viewers. Of course, afterwards everything continued on in the same fashion as the first three episodes. This episode for Kill la Kill had more of a ‘chibi’ art style where all the character’s heads looked slightly larger and there was a lot more ‘paper cut-out’ animation style used. Based on the preview for next week, it looks to be more similar to the first three episodes as well which moves us on to…

Predictions for next week-

New character introduction? Looks like Ryuko is in danger but damnit I’m not going to look at the previews from here on out. Hit me with your best shot, Kill la Kill!

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