Galileo Donna Episode 3


This week we learn more about the three parties involved in the search for the Galileo Tesoro. The Adnimoon/Messier party, the Galileo Sisters, and the pirate group Black Ganymede. We also learn of the girls’ mother’s fate from the previous episode and a clue to the Tesoro’s location.

Roberto Materazzi – Son of Adnimoon President
Grande Rosso- The Galileo’s AI
The Galileo- Hozuki’s airship is christened The Galileo


The episode begins with Roberto Materazzi, the son of the Adnimoon President, discussing the next step in their plans now that they have Sylvia Ferrari as their own pawn due to her amnesia as a result of the president striking her last episode. They plan to pursue the sisters as they are the only lead to the location of the Galileo Tesoro.

The next scene brings us to Hozuki’s airship, and Hazuki is doing research into Adnimoon, and planning to sue for their illegal actions against her and her family. Anna explains it would be rather hard considering the power the have and the group Messier, a secret group within the Adnimoon Company that carries out dirty deeds for the advancement of the company.

Hazuki and Hozuki seems to have plans for what to do next but Kazuki is the only one unenthused by the situation and wishes to just return to her normal life.

Later when everyone meets in the control room for The Galileo, they discuss their plans for what they are going to try to accomplish and Hozuki explains she made some walkies for her sisters since their phones were compromised. This caused Anna to again praise Hozuki and all the sisters for being descendents of Galileo and being endowed with great engineering prowess, this causes Kazuki to snap and she then leaves with Hazuki in pursuit. This allows Hazuki to explain that while Hozuki seems to not care for the current situation and that she does not care for her sisters, the fact of the matter is that she built this ship for her family to live in together and this helps Kazuki to better understand her sister. They do not have much time to revel in this however as they are suddenly under siege.

Roberto attacks The Galileo in an “Aza Iron,” and Hozuki is powerless to do anything. It is discovered amidst the confusion that the telescope that Hozuki was carrying was actually a case for a small document that had 7 pieces of information related to Galileo and his life. Once Kazuki saw this she determined that this would be the way for her to return to normal life, but she was then told that this would not ensure that she could return to her normal life if she gave that up to escape. Before Roberto could crush The Galileo, Cirinho, the leader of the Black Ganymede pirates intervened and allowed the girls to escape. With this incident behind them the girls seek to plot their next course of action, but do not know where to turn next. Hazuki asks if there is any information Anna can offer as a clue to the location of the Tesoro, and she explains that maybe pieces of Galileo’s life might be important mentioning Galileo’s musical studies as a youth. Hozuki realizes there is a small piece of a musical score at the bottom of the sheet she had.


I felt this episode gave us an okay look into how each of the girls thought about the situation, and we now understand the motives of the each of the groups seemingly. The treasure hunt begins and I wonder how the girls can combat these large forces. They are fugitives so it will prove difficult for them to really do anything.

I find it awkward that Roberto seems to always be making origami cranes each episode, which is reminiscent of Darker than Black. Also Hozuki once again makes me feel like I have done nothing with my life as, she has even programmed an AI for The Galileo. It’s ridiculous, but I think I can say I like it, its not entirely impossible for this to happen just very unlikely. I am interested to see how the pieces will fit together for the location of the Tesoro, and how the girls will be able to get on with life as fugitives. We’ll see what happens next week.

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2 Responses to Galileo Donna Episode 3

  1. Artemis says:

    “I find it awkward that Roberto seems to always be making origami cranes each episode, which is reminiscent of Darker than Black.”
    That’s a good point – I had completely forgotten about Darker Than Black. Personally I’m reminded of Blade Runner, although DTB might be the closer comparison.

    Overall I think this was probably the best episode of the series so far. While I’m not an action fan per se, I think Galileo Donna probably does better with its action than with its drama, which seemed more evenly dispersed this time around. Also, it was good to see more of the other two sisters – I was afraid Hozuki would continue to hog nearly all the screen time, but again, there was a lot more evenness going on this episode.

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