Coppelion Episode 4

Jerking those tears

Jerking those tears

This week’s episode of Coppelion is a train wreck… So much resentment, vengeance, forgiveness, sorrow, and passion. A few too many, “emotional,” scenes trying too hard to exaggerate the character’s personality and sympathies; every 30 seconds someone has to cry. And with all this in hand, the obnoxious color overlay! This show is going directions but not in the right ones.

Incoming rant in 3…2…

One question that came up after the episode that I cannot shake… If the Coppelion’s aether is a cure all and can temporarily fight back the contamination, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THEY JUST INVENT AN ANTIDOTE FROM THE AETHER INSTEAD OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERING THESE GIRLS?! They apparently have the technology so why send these girls to do an adult’s job?

Ibara gets awkwardly emotional during the scene where they discover the source of the growing contamination but I couldn’t understand why. It’s clear that they were created to investigate the city but when she gets angry and starts crying I feel like being pushed away from her as a character. Then, jumping ahead to the 10 minute countdown scene, what was the point of all that? As soon as I noticed the timer pop up I again became detached from the scene. The professor had the resolve to end his life peacefully and after an “intense” countdown scene, he simply gets shot with aether and everything is fine…

The only scene that I felt was necessary to developing this story was that the vice principal lost his family due to the radiation accident and the professor felt responsible. Well, as a matter of fact, he felt responsible for the death of hundreds, maybe even thousands and his character is the most respectable. I don’t mean to be morbid when I say that I think he should have died in the end. It would have made this episode more fitting.

Predictions for next week:

I don’t know now. I’m skipping the preview because last weeks preview for this episode just made episode 4 far too predictable. I really want to hear something about the truth of the girls and that scientists couldn’t have just created a suit or cure-all antidote to allow normal humans to adapt to the contamination. Christ… technology to create artificial humans resistant to radiation.

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