Diabolik Lovers Episode 6


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As always there are spoilers, so don’t read if you want to stay unsullied.

On this weeks episode we finally see that Kanato is a serial killer, and Subaru also had mommy issues. There were also more flashbacks, and a bloody dress.


The episode opens with Kanato singing on a second floor balcony, Yui being her usual self expresses concern over Kanato like a mother (oh snap). Kanato does his usual 180 degree turn when talking to Yui then jumps off the balcony, because he is undead, he doesn’t die, but Yui seems too obtuse to understand this. Next Kanato takes Yui to a room filled with mannequins in wedding dresses, the eerie room is disconcerting to her, and Kanato explains he would like to add Yui to the collection making it seem like this is his little lair. His reasoning being, Teddy could use another friend like him. Kanato attempts to kill Yui then Ayato intervenes saying Reiji summoned Kanato, Yui saved goes to the house encountering Subaru, who tells her she can escape tonight, seemingly related to the phases of the moon. As Yui packs she looks at her baby photo again and resolves she cannot leave this mystery alone. Returning to Subaru she asks for explanations that Subaru cannot give, but her eyes and determination struck a chord in Subaru, and he gave her a silver dagger that was given to him by his mother to kill other vampires. Retiring to her room, Yui finds Raito waiting for her arrival, he moves to drink her, but her reaction makes Raito uninterested in her blood as she has finally shown some resolve to stand against the forward actions of the brothers’ at this point. Raito also explains that killing a vampire is a symbol of ultimate love. We end this episode with a shot of the torn black dress, with fresh blood dripping from it.

As for my reactions, Yui has got some mad poo brain. But I think I can respect her a little more given the actions she took. I guess I can return to my original view on the show, giving it some credit being an otome game, though I have no idea how the game did in the market. I think with the events from the end of the episode I can say that its not going to be another Vampire Knight which makes me more content. Raito’s words of love probably seal the whole deal about this show, something I should have realized from the get go. Things seem to be falling into place, so we will see what happens.

As with last week, I do not have any predictions. I do not watch the episode previews,so I can go blind into each episode.

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