Preview Point – Persona 3 The Movie: Spring of Birth


Welcome to Preview Point! A new series where we showcase a certain PV of an upcoming anime related series, movie, or ova. This Preview Point will be showing off the 3rd PV for “Persona 3 The Movie: Spring of Birth”

Trailers in the past for the first part in this movie adaptation series have been extremely vague and/or quiet over what will be covered. Yet, in this PV we clearly can grasp what will be transferred from the game into Movie #1. What’s disappointing to me though is the obvious slow pace that will take place. When I heard Persona 3 was going to get a movie adaptation, I had my doubts as to how things will be properly told. The game has this freeform gameplay that relies heavily on the player to make decisions for social links, training, and skills on his/her own. Although that’s a huge part of how the game is played out, most major plot points simply occur over time. So from what it looks like, the movie will skip around to hit those points. I mean, I expected this. Persona 3 was too open world and carefree for a true tv series to take place. This movie series will most likely be straight to the point and won’t be able to dance around with  memorable moments like Persona 4’s anime adaptation. I’ll be on the look out for a lot of hate from P3 fanboys and girls towards how this series will be composed. In my eyes it still has a lot of potential to be great and I’m hyped as hell to see it.

Persona 3 The Movie: Spring of Birth is planned to hit theaters on November 23rd, 2013. 

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