Kill la Kill Episode 3


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Now this is the stuff I’ve been waiting for!


Inumuta and This Guy

Inumuta and This Guy

Super Butler Man

Super Butler Man

Master Kuroido

Master Kuroido

Junketsu ("Purity")

Junketsu (“Purity”)

New Senketsu

New Senketsu

Explosions! Fan service! Skirt flips! This is the excitement that I was hyping about ever since the reveal of Kill la Kill. This episode includes all that exaggerate action and crazy one liners that made Gurren Lagann so epic. Ryuko and Satsuki get to duking it out which has really highlighted the show so far.

We figure out a bit more about the Kamui and how they add strength (though the origin of the suits/fibers isn’t yet fully explained). Aikuro explains how the fibers affect the wearer and we catch a scene where the student council is experimenting with increased fibers. I feel like no detail is left unmentioned or unexplained which is satisfactory in this case because I can’t find any huge plot holes that can be exploited.

During the fight between Ryuko and Satsuki, Ryuko unlocks Senkutsu’s hidden potential by losing her embarrassment while wearing the skimpy uniform. I’m not sure why this development was such a quick epiphany but it played out with some nice epic fight scenes. Rivalry continues to build up between the two but Satsuki finally puts the task up to her lackies to, I guess, see if Ryuko is worth the effort.

Man, I am still thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of the show. Almost every scene is practically picture perfect. We see some dynamic fight scenes that take advantage of a bit of CG to increase the fluidity and much DBZ-esque effects ensue.


This show has jumped to the top of my list for this season, I’m waiting to see if it is worthy for top of the year.

The dream is over.

The dream is over.

Predictions for next week:

Again, I don’t want to predict much. I can’t help but shake that this show might be within the same universe as Gurren Lagann. I just can’t wait to see what Trigger will throw at us next!

Well one thing I’m looking for, though… With character development going on, maybe we might have another Kamina moment? You know what I’m talking about. *tear*

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