Kill la Kill Episode 2


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I can’t seem to find a medium for this show. Kill la Kill is so fast paced, entertaining, and unique while staying within that Trigger style. Even into the second episode, it shares the tone and style of Gurren Lagann with the art and animation closer to Panty and Stocking. After recently watching Little Witch Academia, I had been looking for comparisons between the two.. though, Kill la Kill being so provocative and vulgar leaves nothing in similarity besides the character design.

One thing I’m starting to notice more is the lack of key frame animation. With simple transition effects, very little actual character animation, and so many still frames during dialogue, I am still so surprised at how fluid this series is. There are scenes where it looks like there is so much energy and motion on screen, however, if you slow it down you notice such simplicity done so well.

Whelp on to the episode.

Let’s start with some introductions:


Barazo Mankanshoku, Mako’s Father


Sukuyo Mankanshoku, Mako’s Mother


Guts, Dog

ep2 ryukodaddy

Isshin Matoi, Ryuko’s Father

ep2 senketsu

Senketsu (“Fresh Blood”)

ep2 omiko

Omiko Hakodate, Tennis club captain

ep2 aikuro

Aikuro Mikisugi, Home room teacher

With Ryuko weilding Senketsu, anemia becomes an issue since the uniform is powered on blood. Next in line after the boxer douche in the premier episode, we have Omiko the tennis club captain to fight. Not realizing that Senketsu is activated by blood, Ryuko is KO’d only to be rudely awakened by Aikuro Mikisugi to learn about her uniform a bit more. Using the glove she received from Aikuro (“Seki Tekko”) she is able to activate Senketsu simply and easily and with a boom boom pow she takes care of the tennis club captain. Watch the episode if you haven’t.

Though I am thoroughly enjoying Kill la Kill, it doesn’t share the same epicness that I was hoping for. Nonetheless, this is one of the top series of the season and I will enjoy each episode. Goodness, the music! I would say it’s a mix between the upbeat style in Panty and Stocking with that grandeur orchestrated tracks from Shingeki no Kyojin. I can’t wait to get my hands on the OST.

The student council president doesn’t appear to be wearing any stars on her uniform and still manages to be so powerful. I’m wondering what kind of progression is going to occur that will challenge Ryuko since it would be pretty disappointing if she cake walks right through the student council. In most of the series I am watching this season, I am left with an empty feeling or questions that I want to figure out but with Kill la Kill I am simply enjoying the ride. When it comes to my favorite anime, Kill la Kill wouldn’t fall into that category but I am left satisfied after every episode.



Predictions for next episode:

None really. I’m just looking forward to what Trigger has to offer.

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