Galilei Donna Episode 1 Review


I don’t have much to say about the show before I get into the review.

The episode starts with a theft from a methane plant, which results in the destruction of the plan and the death of many of the workers there. The next scene shows Italy, and one of the main characters Hozuki Ferrari being chased by an automata similar to one of the enemies in FFXIII.It starts out looking odd because she is pedaling then with the press of a button small rockets open and thrust her forward away from her pursuer. Things only get stranger when she is cornered, her scooter folds up to the size of a briefcase and even doubles as a small rocket launcher, stun rockets though. What the hell is an elementary school girl doing with this kind of stuff?! Who is she?! At this point I’m annoyed and intrigued. I was expecting something much less technology involved or at least not to this point. After this she escapes, but what was that all about, why is she being chased, who does the automata belong to?

The next scene is a college in Italy with Hazuki Ferrari an undergraduate Law student in class. As events unfold for her, she is drinking with some friends after not getting dismissed for grades.(?) When she is cleaning up in the washroom she is confronted by a Secret Service looking character, and she is nearly apprehended when a friend steps in to intervene. All the while she was threatening legal action against the person. Still no explanation for what was going on though.

The middle sister is introduced next, high school student Kozuki Ferrari, is skipping class in the infirmary, when another one of those black suited individuals attempts to apprehend her. She knees him in the balls and gets out, the next scene shows all the girls at the local police station, and their mother is introduced.

At this point nothing is explained to cut to the chase with the rest of the episode plot, we go to their house, see their father, he is a well known engineer as is their mother. The girls prepare to go live with their mother because she has better security than their father, for protection from this unknown entity trying to capture them when suddenly a redhaired person enters and demands a certain object related to Galileo. All the while Hozuki was preparing herself to go, but not with her mother. She goes to a shed out back with a security system, and within is an airship in the shape of a goldfish. It should be noted at this point that Hozuki has a pet goldfish, which is the reason for that, there may be something else historically significant as to why. Moving on, she launches and tears through the roof of the shed. The redhaired person and company arrived in an airship as well and the airship attacks Hozuki who then retaliates with some rockets and damages the tail causing the person to retreat, because he wanted to catch the World Cup Prelims and didn’t want to cause anymore trouble.

My initial reactions of the show are kind of opposite to what I was expecting. I was expecting something I not necessarily grand, but I was expecting more dialogue, some intellectually stimulating things I do not know, just not this. I am a little disappointed the first episode turned out like this, because this just is not normal. Based on the ED animations, the girls will be living aboard Hozuki’s airship, and they will be journeying together since they cannot live their normal lives as long as they are pursued. At this point one can only make speculations, which is fine, because it gets you thinking, and keeps you wanting to watch the show, from my point of view. Others are not so forgiving, if they do not get a convincing explanation for the events that unfolded then they will see that as a negative point and drop the show. I’m still hoping this show will provide me with something interesting, but I don’t know, I just have to wait until next week to see what happens.

This was a rather sloppy review I put together so I would like some critiques from anyone on what I could do to improve this.

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