Diabolik Lovers Episode 5

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Episode 5 was more bi-polar Kanato, Reiji being all Kuroshitsuji and a possible confirmation of my fears that this will indeed be like Vampire Knight(for those of you who have not watched it: everyone is a vampire THE END).

For starters, Kanato is just fickle, but his aversions towards Yui are justified, she is just really annoying at this point. Even with the short episode time, considering how things are going, a little character development should be obvious, but its not. This is plane stalling and about to crash, they should use their BRS to save this show and leave us with a decent ending.

Reiji is crying out for attention but being a prude about it. We see some of his past in a couple flashbacks. He was mad jelly the mommy loved Shu more than him, and when he tried to get revenge mommy was happy, he didn’t like that either. There is just no pleasing him.

The only glimmer of hope that sudden just changed into a nail in the coffin that is Diabolik Lovers was the introduction of Richter, Subaru’s Uncle and his ominous foreshadowing of the awakening. Clearly this concerns Yui, who happened to be walking by at the time in a daze because she just got blood raped by Kanato in the cemetery.

Am I looking forward to the next episode? No

Do I think this will get better in the next episode? Not a chance.

Is this worth watching? If you are an M sure, if not steer clear.

That’s it for this week, have a complimentary pic of Teddy, the best character!

Yesss, drink my child, drink!

Yesss, drink my child, drink!

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