Galilei Donna Episode 2


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Here we continue right where we left off from the first episode. Before the family can celebrate they are once again held at gun point. Hozuki is the only one that was not apprehended by the police. Anna Hendricks, Hazuki’s university friend explains the situation to Hozuki, that the pirate, Cicinho, and the organization the girls’ mother works for are looking for Galileo’s Inheritance. Read more of this post


Coppelion Episode 3

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Same as last episodes. Nothing really stands out, just throwing new characters with a little bit of backstory and revealing the conflict a bit more. Read more of this post

Galilei Donna Episode 1 Review


I don’t have much to say about the show before I get into the review.

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10/16 Waifu Wednesday

Misaki AyuzawaHello and welcome again folks to another installment of Waifu Wednesday. Sorry for the late post.

This weeks winner is Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Shiftyeyes, one of the members of the content team had this to say about her:

“I like Misaki becuase she is extremely determined to reach her goals despite whatever her circumstances may be. She doesn’t seek help from anyone because she doesn’t want to fall into that archetype of women needing men to help her get things done. Honestly watching the show she made me feel motivated to try to do more to be successful. She breaks stereotype about the weak shoujo anime girl. Despite her tough attitude, she can show a more feminine side that makes me melt inside. It is the perfect combination of these two elements that makes her top tier waifu.”

That does it for us this week. Tune next time same place same blog. Until then,  じゃあねえ~。



Kill la Kill Episode 2


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I can’t seem to find a medium for this show. Kill la Kill is so fast paced, entertaining, and unique while staying within that Trigger style. Even into the second episode, it shares the tone and style of Gurren Lagann with the art and animation closer to Panty and Stocking. After recently watching Little Witch Academia, I had been looking for comparisons between the two.. though, Kill la Kill being so provocative and vulgar leaves nothing in similarity besides the character design. Read more of this post

Diabolik Lovers Episode 5

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Episode 5 was more bi-polar Kanato, Reiji being all Kuroshitsuji and a possible confirmation of my fears that this will indeed be like Vampire Knight(for those of you who have not watched it: everyone is a vampire THE END). Read more of this post