Diabolik Lovers Episode 4

I feel like we haven’t really gotten anywhere since the beginning of this show. They show us snippets of things that are seemingly relevant, but then never follow them up. All I can do is speculate at this point.



My theory is that the figure that was on the balcony is the brothers’ mother(1). The green haired person(3) we keep seeing could be related to Shu and Reiji, and the politician we saw today was is the triplets’ father. Who is Karl Heinz(2), is ketchup involved in this anime?


Ketchup Empire!(2)



In other news as you can see Yui finally got out of the house, that means she beat the game right? Nope…

I don’t know what to expect for the next episode. I can honestly say it’s a bit of a chore to watch this show now, but given its short showtime, its bearable. I just want to get to the end and see that its not another Vampire Knight like people keep suggesting. That would just kill me.

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One Response to Diabolik Lovers Episode 4

  1. Outsanity says:

    I feel like Strike the Blood is a better “vampireish” show. I always figured this would be kinda like Twilight animated with a Japanese twist.

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